Friday, June 5, 2015

Have a Great Summer!

End-of-Year Reminders
--Check lost and found and your child's classroom for any items your child may have left at school.  Unclaimed items will be donated over the summer.
--Pick up any medications your child may have in the office.
--Get a yearbook.  We ordered extras--available in the office for $20 after they are distributed in classrooms next week.
--6th grade families: Turn in your child's proof of the TDAP immunization so their middle school registration is not delayed.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Battle of the Books!

Friday, May 29, 10 teams of students competed in 6 rounds all morning to see who would face off in the Grand Battle of the Books after lunch.  Considering 154 of our 179 students participated, it was not easy to get to the finals!  It was an epic battle--neither team missed a question until number 18, and they ended the 24-question battle tied.  In sudden death overtime, the Dark Blue Team edged ahead to take the gold.  Congratulations to all of our students who competed (4th graders read at least 10 of the books, 5th graders read at least 12 and 6th graders read at least 14).  This was a culmination of a year-long reading program that was hugely successful!  

medals were awarded to the Dark Blue Team: Malia Berger, Rebecca Dulitz, Isabella Osgood, Amanda Cameli, Aiden O'Leary, Lily Daane, Claudia Wormley, Owen Blackwell, Alek Naran, Autumn Bell, Erin Garnsey, Titan Popp, James Avila, and Phoenix Popp.
Silver medals were awarded to the Purple Team: Ian Cooper-Feltman, Thomas Lukes, Gabriel Sidener, Coen Carlberg, Dylan Shaouat, Christian Cuevillas, Lily Rogers, Liam Ditscheiner, Bridget Moloney, Grace Greenelsh, Carissa Carlberg, Kaylie Hall, Sufyan Sajjad, and Evan Clausen.

Bronze medals were awarded to the Light Blue Team:  Grace Byde, Sierra Kabaker, Isabelle Preston, Olivia Brumit, Michael Gray, Lucy Reed, Riesen Carlberg, Gabriel Paul, Bryson Dean, Fiorella Echano, Alexandra Prodanov, Julia Bloom, Luke Ernstrom, Zoe Piette, and Lucas Antoine. 

Special thanks to Robyn O'Leary and her many volunteers who ran the morning battles and provided snack and lunch for the students; and to Mr. Crabb for coordinating this school-wide event.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stuart Little opens to rave reviews!

The 6th grade play, Stuart Little, was widely hailed as entertaining and well-played.  Special thanks to Dondi Hubley, our talented director.  This performance was cute, entertaining and very well done.  Great job, 6th graders!

The Littles