Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teach Boosters Meeting
December 3, 2010

Attendees: Doris Kim, Mukta Naran, Jessica Napier, Taffy Gonzalez, Sunshine Cowgill, Paige Wright, and Jocelyn Leonard

Meeting called to order at 8:45 a.m.

No Financial report as Altee is not able to attend the meeting today.

Principal’s Report: There are 2 or 3 teachers interested in helping out with the Talent Show. Mr. Block will also help out. The teachers and principal will screen all of the acts, then the parents can help with the details. Each child is limited to one act each. The only reason an act wouldn’t get in is if the child is very unprepared or the act is inappropriate. There will be call backs for the kids who need more time to prepare. Altee Vigil and Beth Meyer have expressed an interest in helping with this. Sunshine suggested a Cal Poly student may want to help out, perhaps for a Senior Project. Beth is going to ask around at Cal Poly. Kids who don’t want to go onstage, can help out behind the scenes with lights, sound, etc.

Lice wars: No new cases this week.

Parent conferences went great.

Tiger Tales: The Jamba Juice gift cards have been purchased and will be given out at the assemblies.

Old Business: The Battle of the Books have been purchased. The cost was $612.88. We were able to us scrip cards for $610 of that money. We saved $55 using scrip. It was suggested that we should figure about $600 into the budget yearly in May of the previous school year, so that we would have the books ready at the start of the school year. We will be taping the spines of the new books. The public library is going to let us borrow a machine to help with that. Sunshine will design bookplates for the books, letting everyone know that the books belong to the school. We will also have to put a sticker in each book with the Lexile/AR information.

Teacher’s Report: Mr. Jarvis told us about the Tiger Tales TV show that the students have been working on. The first episode features Mrs. Jones and Mr. Jarvis’ classes. Everyone will be able to get involved in this. The kids will do most of the writing, filming, and editing, etc. It runs on Charter channel 19 on Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday evenings at 5:30 p.m. for the next few weeks. It is also available for viewing on Mr. Jarvis’ website at mrjarvis.net. Sunshine will put a link on the Booster web site.
Mr. Crabb and Ms. Kelley’s classes are working on their upcoming features. Currently the 4th /5th combo is showing “Who Really Discovered America”, and the 6th grade is showing skits they have done about their experience at Catalina. The 4th grade class wants to do something about Astrocamp and the 5th graded would like to do some science experiments for their portion.

There was a request for Mr. Jarvis and Ms. Kelly to get parents a supply list for Yosemite early, so that shopping could begin. Since, by the time February rolls around, many stores are already on to summer gear instead of winter gear. Mr. Jarvis said that would not be a problem.

New Business: We need to have a donation box for Yosemite gear. It was suggested that maybe we could have classified ads linked to the website, such as: Wanted…snow boots, size 8. We could possibly have wanted ads, and for sale ads, lending ads, etc. After this, we could have a swap and shop to try to help the kids get the gear they need for Yosemite. Other ideas for gear included: Goodwill, the Mission thrift shop, Hope Chest thrift shop, Merry-go-Round, etc. Taffy will ask Brenda Ostrander for information regarding the Bishop’s Peak swap and shop. Sunshine will look into the classified ads being linked to the website.

Jessica will call Mrs. Williams regarding the animal mascots.

Doris requested that we put scrip in the newsletter and on the website, so we can keep it fresh in people’s minds.

Paige will check out the local business directory to see if they would be interested in the scrip program, and if we can link our website for advertising for them, which would bring in money for us.

The Dinner/Auction is still up for discussion. We will discuss it at the next meeting, in January.

Electives are coming in January.

There was a question regarding how do the parents know how much money to pay for the field trips, when they haven’t heard about the Genevieve’s money earned yet? Since Altee is not here to answer that question, Sunshine referred anyone who is wondering about this, to contact Altee.

There will be another T-shirt/Sweatshirt order in January.

The Bookfair brought in $1295, thank you to all who helped with this!

Scrip has brought in about $800 to date.

The Cow Plop Bingo brought in $2600.
We need a chairperson to head up the March-a-thon. Let Sunshine know if you are interested.

Meeting adjourned at 9:58 a.m.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Friday is last chance for Scrip & Gift Cards before the Holiday Break

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (Friday, December 3) is the last scrip and gift card order before winter break.  These cards will be delivered to school on December 9 – plenty of time still for online and in-person shopping!  You don’t have to just choose from our list, there are hundreds of national retailers (including online) offered, just write them in!  They have just about everything, including Nordstrom, Toys-R-Us and American Girl!  See the list HERE. 

Or you can email your order directly to Paige Peake-Wright at:  paigepeakewright@yahoo.com and drop off your check in the office tomorrow. 

Thanks for supporting Teach Elementary School!