Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yosemite Gear Trade

Our 5th Grade trip to Yosemite is quickly approaching. If you have or need cold weather gear to sell/lend/trade/give, please comment below and let's see if we can hook ourselves up with things for the trip. Items like wool socks, boots and coats are costly, and many children in SLO don't have them, due to our mild weather.  If you have trouble seeing the comments, try viewing this blog in Mozilla Firefox.

Please include:
WHAT you want (ISO = In Search Of, IDSO = In Desperate Search Of) or WHAT you have to give (item to lend, Trade, FS = For Sale, etc.)
WHO you are: name and contact info

Then check back to see what's up here and get in contact with each other.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Teach Boosters Meeting Minutes for January 2012

Teach Boosters Club Meeting Minutes
January 6, 2012

Attendees: Kate Poeschl, Idona Cabrinha, Taffy Gonzalez, Kurt Rightmyer, Lori Shields, Chantal Blanchard, Summer Kabaker, Karen Panasewicz, Doris Kim, Nara Clark, Sunshine Cowgill, Nell Bennett, Dan Block, and Jocelyn Leonard.

Meeting called to order at 8:40 a.m. Taffy moved for the approval of December 2011 meeting minutes. Summer seconded the motion.

Altee is sick today and will not be able to attend the meeting. Taffy asked that we get Director’s Insurance to cover the Booster Club in the unlikely event of a lawsuit. It is estimated to cost about $250-$500 in addition to our current insurance. Chantal moved that we give Altee permission to add Director’s/Officer’s insurance to our current policy, up to $1000. Lori seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Nara let us know that the 5th grade is getting ready to go on their trip to Yosemite. Sunshine will send information out to the parents letting them know about a page on the blog for a Yosemite gear exchange. This exchange could include items for sale, trade, to keep, or to borrow. The 5th grade representatives will let the 5th grade teachers know about this page on the blog also.

Mr. Block let us know that Teach is adding a few kids, and losing a few (due to parents’ sabbaticals). Next Friday is the Geography Bee.

Lori, one of the 4th grade representatives, said that orders and checks are still coming in for the cookbooks. We may need to reprint more. Also, the 4th grade students will be going on a day trip to Santa Barbara on the train soon. Mr. Crabb let his 4th grade rep know that the Applebee’s coordination had been passed on to him, and he is feeling overwhelmed. Sunshine will contact Allison Graves, who is the Teach volunteer coordinator, to see if she has any volunteers to help.

Kate Poeschl offered to be the 6th grade representative. All were in favor. Thanks Kate!

Jocelyn will contact Sandy Stannard to find out if she is still involved with the Outdoor Classroom portion of the garden. We need to find out how much the 6th grade class of 2010 donated toward the sundial, and how to proceed with this donation.

The March-a-thon will be March 23. Summer is coordinating this for Teach. There will be T-shirts given to each student, with the names of sponsors on the back. If you would like to be a sponsor, contact Summer. The sponsorship costs $100 each. Summer will put information regarding this in the newsletter.

Taffy talked to us about the upcoming Dinner/Auction. The event will be April 21. Taffy is the chair for the event. Karen volunteered to help procure things for the auction. Paula Fryer is working on the auction. There is a letter in the dropbox, to use when asking businesses for donations. Kate volunteered to help with a committee. Taffy then talked to us about ticket pricing. It will cost us $35 per person at Café Roma. There will be a $5 corkage fee for those that bring their own wine. We can fit 100 people in the building. It was decided that we would charge $45 per ticket for this event.

Regarding the Yosemite trip, the bus holds 53 people. Including chaperones, we have 59 going. As with AstroCamp, it was proposed that whoever drove their own car up there would have their trip paid for. Nell moved to allow $684 in chaperone costs to be picked up by Boosters for the driver of the additional car. Kate seconds the motion. All were in favor.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:35 a.m.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012