Sunday, July 24, 2016

Incoming Student Playdate

Thank you to incoming 5th grader Gavin's mom, Jennifer Curren, for organizing this year's Incoming Student Playdate last weekend!

Jennifer's daughters led the ice-breaking game for the 24 incoming students and 4 returning students.

"Swab the Deck" was a super fun game where the students follow the Captain's commands and the final pair remaining wins.

1.  "Swab the Deck" - Students individually swab the deck.
2.  "Man Overboard" - Students find partners for pairs of 2.
3.  "Lighthouse" - Students find a group of 3 (see picture below left).
4.  "Row Boat" - Students find a group of 4 to row a boat
5.  "Starfish" - Students find a group of 5 to form a star with their legs (picture below right).

The kids also participated in a water balloon toss, enjoyed free play for hours and snacked on light refreshments (thank you, Jennifer, for treating!)

A fun time was had by all!

Next Event - Ice Cream Social on August 19th for all students (incoming and returning).  Look out for Principal Batistic's letter announcing details.

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