The high level of parent involvement at Teach is one of the strengths of our school, and we are eager for  you join in the fun!   Your involvement helps Teach School make a profound, positive impact on our students as they grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and creatively and as they develop into future contributors to our diverse, global community.

Parent volunteers make a difference in our students' lives in many ways:
  • As elective instructors to teach 5 week in the Fall and/or Winter.
  • As helpers or organizers for 
    • Tiger Challenge and other fundraisers
    • Community building events 
    • Staff-led events 
  • As room parents to organize classroom events
  • As chaperones for extended overnight study trips for 3-5 days off work.
    • Please note that chaperone spots are limited and chosen by the staff to meet the needs of the students.
    • Please also note that chaperones are responsible for their own costs (meals, lodging and/or transportation) on these overnight study trips.
If you are interested in volunteering for any of these activities as a helper or organizer (see volunteer roles below) and:

1.  Email teachboosterclub@gmail.com.
2.  Please make sure to have your volunteer clearance!  See Volunteer in Public Schools (VIPS) packet here.
3.  As part of the VIPS Level 2, please make sure you are cleared for TB (4 years).
4.  As part of the VIPS Level 3 (e.g., chaperone on overnight study trips), please make sure you are cleared for TB (4 years) and fingerprinted through the SLO County of Education.  Please make sure to schedule the latter with enough lead time for results before the overnight study trip.
5.  Keep track of your volunteer time.  Some companies like Disney and Adobe include donations/grants for your volunteer time in addition to corporate matching of donations to charities!  Check with your Human Resources/Benefits department!  

Helpful Links & Forms

Help Center for Board Members & Chairpersons
Booster Expense Reimbursement Form PDF Excel
Booster Cash Receipt Verification Form PDF Excel

Volunteer Roles

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