Friday, September 28, 2018

Tiger Tally #3 - Just one more week left

97 students earned juice popsicles today!

The extra recess crown returns to Mr.  Lanier's class this week.

Mr. Lanier's class leads on Kona Shaved Ice party.

We have 28 business sponsors!  Thank you again to Alana's mom, Katherine, and Roland's mom, Xiaoying, for submitting tshirt design and banners on tight turnaround deadlines.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Tiger Tally #2 - Halftime Report

82 juice popsicles today for $100+! 

Mrs. Robson's class won the extra minutes of recess and is leading in the Kona Shaved Ice Party this week.

The deadline for business sponsorships has been extended to Monday Sep 24. 

Special thanks to Alana's mom Katherine and Roland's mom Xiaoying, our volunteer graphic designers, who will need to turn around the business logos in time for banners and t-shirts to be ready on Tiger Challenge Day Oct 5.

Go tigers! 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Tiger Tally #1

62 kids earned juice popsicles for bringing in $100+! 

It's really close across all of the classrooms in both class competitions.

  • Mr. Lanier's class wins the extra recess this week.  (Noteworthy:  Mrs. Woehrle's class had the highest % of Parent Support Forms turned in.)  
  • Mrs. Dodge's class is leading in the Kona Shaved Ice Party after extrapolating to 33 students.  

Monday, September 10, 2018

Sept 14, 2018 Meeting Agenda

Please join us for our monthly Boosters meeting Friday (Sept 14) 1:05 pm-2:30pm @ Teach Music Room 24 (Following Family Lunch at 12:30)

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Tiger Challenge FAQ & Clarification

Here are some questions we've already received.  Got questions?  Please contact us at!  We will update this post regularly.

A.  Tiger Tally

1.  I've already donated to Teach Boosters this academic year.  Do we need to turn anything in on Friday Tiger Tally?

No, but if you'd like your student to know what threshold he/she is at then you can complete the envelope and note "already donated."  The Treasurer emailed donor acknowledgments for any donations received through Sep 7, 2018, and will include these donations in the Sep 14, 2018 Friday Tiger Tally.  

If you did not receive this email, please contact for follow up. 

2.  How will we know how much was donated online to Teach Boosters on behalf of our student?

Ideally, the online donor forwards a copy of the receipt to the parent so they can include on the envelope for the Friday Tiger Tally.  If not, the Treasurer exports a list of online donations received by 8:25am PT on the morning of the Friday Tiger Tally and will confirm or add it to the envelope.

3.  Do we have to participate in Tiger Challenge fundraiser?

No, it is voluntary!  We have historically had high participation 83%-88% in this fundraiser, as our community is supportive of funding the school programs (which are funded entirely by Boosters, not SLCUSD).  Since the slate of school programs are contingent upon funding from donations and fundraisers during the current fiscal year, the Booster Board reviews projected funding levels and schedules additional fundraiser(s) and/or reduces/cancels certain programs.  

This year, there is a new participation-based prize every Friday of extra minutes of recess for the class with the highest participation percentage!   

B.  Prize Selection

1.  The $100-$199 threshold has Homework pass & juice popsicle every Friday.  Does that mean the homework pass is every Friday too?

No, sorry for any misunderstanding!  Only the juice popsicle is every Friday.  The homework pass is a one-time pass for a routine (e.g.,daily) homework assignment and does not apply to research projects, group projects, tests/quizzes, etc.  The homework pass is subject to Teacher approval and expires on the last day of this school year, June 6, 2019. 

2.  Can I choose multiple prizes that add up to the prize threshold I am eligible for?

No, the prize selection sheet allows for only one option in any threshold up to and including the highest prize threshold earned.  Remember, the true prize is that all our students learn from awesome overnight science camps and programs at Teach!  

With that said, there is an "opt out" option whereby the student may choose to decline a prize, so the savings can be used toward school programs.  

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Tiger Challenge 2018 Kick Off!

Are you ready for this?  Go get 'em, Tigers! 

  • Business Sponsorship Forms:  There are very limited # of spots left and a very early deadline (Sep 14) if Business Sponsor wants their logo on T-Shirt and banner on fence by Oct 5 Tiger Challenge Event.  
  • Tiger Challenge Envelopes: Please turn in funds raised every Fri morning: Sept 14, 21, 28, (Th) Oct 4 & Final Oct 5.
  • Oct 5 Game Day: Cheer on the kids and join us for Pizza Lunch by Village Host $5 (preorder online).
  • Volunteers: Look for the SignUp Genius coming soon for Oct 5.
  • Parent Support Form: Help us plan/budget by completing form. 
  • Shareable Donation Link and Installment Options are available on top menu bar at (Note: only donations collected by Oct 5, 8:25a count toward prizes and contests.)