Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teach School Scrip Contest!

Teach Boosters is sponsoring a Scrip Contest to get everyone interested in using Scrip for everyday purchases.
The Highest Enrollment prize is awarded to the class with the highest per-capita enrollment in at least one of the eScrip programs on October 22. The Highest Sales prize goes to the individual student who sells the highest dollar amount in GLScrip gift cards between now and October 22. The winner in the Highest Sales category will receive either a new 2G iPod Shuffle in a color of your choice or a $50 shopping spree at Best Buy! In addition to these prizes, there is a monthly Referral Raffle for a $10 Scrip card of your choice. If a student refers another family (NOT a Teach family) to buy Scrip, s/he gets entered into the drawing!

Winners will be announced at our Annual Chili Cookoff on November 6!

eScrip Dining, GL Scrip and eScrip

We have two Scrip programs running at Teach, and both have the potential for some serious earnings - enough possibly to cancel future fundraisers!  The two programs are eScrip and GL Scrip.  Check it out!

eScrip and the eScrip Dining Rewards Network

When you register your grocery loyalty cards from Von's, Safeway and more (see the full list of merchants at www.escrip.com), we get a small percentage of what you spend on groceries every time you shop!  Why not get grandma, neighbors and friends to sign their cards up too?  Credit/Debit cards also earn a contribution when you shop at network stores like New Frontiers and Spencers, plus all kinds of travel such as Disney Cruises and online shopping sites like Sierra Trading Post!  And of course when you shop through the Online Mall.  Winter holidays are coming!

Check out eScrip Dining!  Any time you use your registered Debit/Credit card at a participating restaurant, our school gets a percentage of your total bill!  Even better, it's nationwide + Canada too, and you can get an app for your smart phone to help you pinpoint closeby joints that are in the network.  Why not let eScrip help you decide where to have lunch?  Works when you are traveling too!  I downloaded the app, and now I can just hit the button and see a closeby place that's going to donate to Teach when we order.  :-)

GL Scrip has a huge variety of different gift cards you can use for your groceries, gas, gifts, clothes shopping, books, music...whatever!  We use Amazon.com certificates for gifts and to buy school books for the CalPoly student in our family.  Another friend buys $400 each month in Albertson's cards for her regular grocery shopping.  Who buys less than 50 bucks in gas each month these days?  Why not buy a Shell, Chevron or Arco card each month?  And of course I'm always packin' a Jamba card and Starbuck's card.  Because I'm going to stop in one of those places before too long!  Check GLScrip.com for a complete list of cards.  These are national and local shops, so your far-flung-family and friends can shop with scrip too!  Just take their order and mail them the cards.
What's in your wallet??

This is money we are all spending already, all we need to do is register!  Get your grocery, atm and credit cards registered, and plan to make your regularly budgeted purchases using Scrip cards! 

For help with eScrip, please call Doris Kim at 748-1513.
For help with GLScrip, please call Paige Wright at 540-4107.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

BBQ Planning Meeting

Please join us for a BBQ Planning Meeting on Friday, September 10 at 8:30 a.m. in room 27.  We will be discussing the time-sensitive issue of chairperson and venue, scheduling and the possibility of going back to the traditional calendar with the fundraiser dinner in the spring and Chili Cookoff in the fall on our BBQ date.  If you have comments, ideas or input and will not be attending, please email your thought to sunshinecowgill@sbcglobal.net and we will share them at the meeting.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Teach Boosters Meeting Minutes
Sept. 3, 2010
Attendees: Wanza Good, Heather Palandoken, Paige Wright, Jessica Napier, Doris Kim, Peggy Estes, Mukta Naran, Joanne Chiang, Sarah Atwell, Sande Rutstein, Derek Gragson, Riana Baxter, Nara Clark, Taffy Gonzalea, Lori Fletcher, Helen Sipsas, Erica Stewart, Sunshine Cowgill, Altee Vigil, and Jocelyn Leonard
The meeting was called to order at 8:38 a.m.
First the Board was introduced: Sunshine Cowgill - President
Erica Stewart - Vice President
Altee Vigil - Treasurer
Jocelyn Leonard - Secretary
Jessica Napier/Heather Palandoken - 6th grade Reps.
Lori Fletcher - 5th grade Rep.
Riana Baxter/Nara Clark - 4th grade Reps.
The minutes from the last meeting (June) were reviewed and approved by Paige Wright and seconded by Lori Fletcher. All were in favor.
Principal's Report: We welcome a new teacher this year, Mr. Eric Jarvis.
The sixth grade is getting ready to go on their trip to Catalina. They will be gone Sept. 19-24. The first night they will stay in a hotel in the L.A. area and visit a museum there. The next morning they get to take the boat over to Catalina Island. Mr. Block wanted to remind all 6th grade parents that any medication to be given on the trip needs a Dr.'s permission sheet. This includes motion sickness medication and other over the counter medication.
Mr. Block also suggested that at the first meeting of the year the Booster Club should go over their bylaws and make sure that we have insurance. There will be a new list of bylaws at our next meeting. A list of a Bylaws Addendum was passed around for everyone to view. The addendum was approved by Erica and seconded by Riana. All were in favor.
Old Business: The Ice Cream Social went well. It was organized via e-mail in a very short time period. Thank you to Heather for taking over for that event. Heather will be writing down what worked and what didn't so we can keep track for next year and put the information into the master binder. Next year, all the ice cream should come from Smart and Final. It was also suggested that next year we only get vanilla, since the kids can put whatever toppings they would like on that. That was the most popular flavor anyway. The color-coordinated nametags for each classroom worked well also.
Teacher's Notes: Mrs. Jones came in to represent the teachers. She asked for the "magic Teach timeline" so that the teachers would know when events were taking place. The teachers have a form of one and she was wondering in the Boosters did. It is a computer application that we will print out and put into the Master binder, so we can all be on the same page.
The extra classroom (4th/5th combo) has been working out well. All of the classrooms would like a set of the Battle books. The teachers are going to inventory what they already have and then we can order whatever is missing. Helen inquired about the battle books on E-books. She will check into that. Bishop's Peak is helping to buy a set of Battle books for the library.
Financials: So far, the money in the account is the money coming in for the Catalina trip. We have CD's but there is a penalty for withdrawal. Altee suggested meeting with Sunshine and Mr. Block to dicuss individual scholarships. The Boosters would like all kids to go on the study trips regardless of their ability to pay. Please see Altee, Sunshine or Mr. Block for information regarding scholarships. The sixth grade pays $6o0 for Catalina and various other field trips throughout the year. The fifth grade pays $500 for Yosemite and various trips throughout the year. And the fourth grade pays $400 for Astrocamp and other trips throughout the year.
We had been using an old version of e-books for the treasurer. Ahmad Amir (previous treasurer) bought a new version for us. She asked that we reimburse Ahmad. Jocelyn moved to approve, Riana seconded it. All were in favor.
Bills will go out soon to all grades regarding money due for field trips. Please contact Altee with any questions. You can select payment plans. Sunshine asked what proportion of the CIMI trip had been paid for, Altee did not have that information at this time.
Great Lakes Scrip are the gift cards for many businesses. glscrip.com The money raised from this goes into our General Fund. You can order online or on the form that goes home each month. Paige (who runs this for us) has a basket in the teacher's workroom, where you can place your orders, or you can give it to your child's teacher. There is another fundraising program called e-script where you can register your VISA/M/C or grocery store numbers and a percentage of what you spend goes to our school.
New Business: Wanda brought up a request for more playground equipment on the upper grades playground. She noted that there are no swings or slides there. Her daughter is not finding too much to do at recess. Mr. Block responded that while the lower grades playground has that equipment, the upper and lower grades are not permitted on each other's playground except one day a month. It was decided that maybe we could poll the kids and see in there are many who would want this. Then we could look into the cost of putting these in.
The Family BBQ and raffle is tenatively scheduled for Oct. 16 pending a venue and a chairperson to run it. We are in desperate need for a chairperson for this event. There are many people willing to help with the event, but we need someone to organize it. If you are interested contact Sunshine. Erica volunteered to work on food. We have a cow for the cow plop, Laura Finz volunteered a band and we have someone willing to make the tickets. We need to budget $100 for tickets.
T-shirt sales went well at the ice cream social. A flyer will be going home soon to see if more people would like to order. This is for spirit only and is not intended to be a fundraiser. It was decided that the same design as last year would work.
Genevieve's is due on Sept. 14 Tammy Haas is the chairperson on this committee if you have any questions.
International Day will be moved to April and the Chili cook-off will be moved to May.
Student Council- Election day is today. Students running for office will make their speeches this morning. The other events Student council works with are Penny Wars (fundraiser) and Valentines grams.
Assemblies: Taffy Gonzalez books these. Please let her know if you have any ideas or have any connections in the community. The first assembly will be the Strings program through the San Luis Symphony. It will be on Sept. 10, 2010.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:47 a.m.