Tuesday, September 28, 2010

eScrip Dining, GL Scrip and eScrip

We have two Scrip programs running at Teach, and both have the potential for some serious earnings - enough possibly to cancel future fundraisers!  The two programs are eScrip and GL Scrip.  Check it out!

eScrip and the eScrip Dining Rewards Network

When you register your grocery loyalty cards from Von's, Safeway and more (see the full list of merchants at www.escrip.com), we get a small percentage of what you spend on groceries every time you shop!  Why not get grandma, neighbors and friends to sign their cards up too?  Credit/Debit cards also earn a contribution when you shop at network stores like New Frontiers and Spencers, plus all kinds of travel such as Disney Cruises and online shopping sites like Sierra Trading Post!  And of course when you shop through the Online Mall.  Winter holidays are coming!

Check out eScrip Dining!  Any time you use your registered Debit/Credit card at a participating restaurant, our school gets a percentage of your total bill!  Even better, it's nationwide + Canada too, and you can get an app for your smart phone to help you pinpoint closeby joints that are in the network.  Why not let eScrip help you decide where to have lunch?  Works when you are traveling too!  I downloaded the app, and now I can just hit the button and see a closeby place that's going to donate to Teach when we order.  :-)

GL Scrip has a huge variety of different gift cards you can use for your groceries, gas, gifts, clothes shopping, books, music...whatever!  We use Amazon.com certificates for gifts and to buy school books for the CalPoly student in our family.  Another friend buys $400 each month in Albertson's cards for her regular grocery shopping.  Who buys less than 50 bucks in gas each month these days?  Why not buy a Shell, Chevron or Arco card each month?  And of course I'm always packin' a Jamba card and Starbuck's card.  Because I'm going to stop in one of those places before too long!  Check GLScrip.com for a complete list of cards.  These are national and local shops, so your far-flung-family and friends can shop with scrip too!  Just take their order and mail them the cards.
What's in your wallet??

This is money we are all spending already, all we need to do is register!  Get your grocery, atm and credit cards registered, and plan to make your regularly budgeted purchases using Scrip cards! 

For help with eScrip, please call Doris Kim at 748-1513.
For help with GLScrip, please call Paige Wright at 540-4107.

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