Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pancake Breakfast Revenue

Wow!  Our pancake breakfast earned $2,156.80 in net profit for our school!

This is more than expected, yay Teach!  Congratulations to Vanessa and her army of volunteers on a fun and profitable event.

Thanks so much to our sponsors: 

Hunt Family Farm
SLO Elks Lodge 322
Coastal Peaks Coffee
San Luis Paper Co.

Thank you for your generosity!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Booster Club Meeting - September 5, 2014 (pending)

Charles E. Teach Booster Board Meeting
September 5, 2014

Board Members Present:

Kimberley Wormley (President)
Melinda Keller (co-VP)
Brian Olson (Treasurer)
Laura Cooper (Secretary)
Mike Berger (6th grade class rep/Facebook)
CeRae Speidel (4th gr. rep/Bd mem@large)
Kirk Rightmyer (co-VP)
Lorraine Byde (ice Cream Social chair)
Vanessa Rizzo (Pancake Breakfast chair)
Jim Schimmer (parent)
Christine ???(parent)
Pia Laurie (Genevieve’s fundraiser chair)
Randi Barros (Craft Faire)
Doris Kim (parent)
Wendy Sylvester (5th grade rep)
Andrea Olivia (parent)
Eva ??? (parent)
Wendy Dahl (parent)
Nara? Clark (Chili Cook-off rep)
Terrie Marshall (parent)
Scott and Robin Peterson (parents)
Nell Bennett (marquee)
Marie ??? (parent)

Kimberley introduced herself and invited other present to introduce themselves and to give a shout out to someone they wanted to thank for their work on Teach’s behalf.  There were thank-you’s offered to various board members, officers, and to last year’s board that helped Teach with the transition to this new location. 
The minutes of the 5-30-14 Boosters meeting had been disseminated and read ahead of time by all board members present; there was one small amendment which is noted in the minutes (bottom of last page).  Brian Olson moved to approve the minutes as amended; Melinda Keller seconded the motion with all present in favor, none opposed or abstaining. 
The date of the next meeting will be determined by polling board members for their availability for the year.  Notice will then be posted and sent out to all Teach parents.  Kimberley noted that reviewing the master calendar (fundraisers, etc) and chairperson vacancies would be postponed until the next meeting. 
Brian Olson reviewed the budget.  He noted that the budget looks different from past budgets in that he has tried as much as possible to allocate expenses to their specific activities rather than having categories that were many expenses grouped together.  He also noted that in the past there was the notion that the $450 suggested parent pledge amount covers everything which is not the case.  This amount does not even cover the cost of class study trips alone.  The current board worked up the 10-$450-15 formula to show that the pledge amount and the 10/15 part of the pledge as well, were to help bridge the gap between district funds and class trips and enrichment activities that the teachers recommended for the year.  There were questions about the $450 amount being asked across the board rather than differing amounts based on the cost of each class’s study trip.  There was discussion of how this evens things out across the classes rather than singling out a class that did not contribute “enough.”  The new emphasis of the budget is on whole-school fundraising, and avoids the divisiveness of class-based reckoning.  Kimberley pointed out that the more we can grow Scrip and EScrip, the less the recommended $450 might become.  There was a question about if donations to Teach Boosters, particularly from corporations, are tax-deductible.  Brian is getting clarity on this issue; each entity should consult its own tax attorney for accurate information on this issue.  Melinda Keller moved to accept the 2014-2015 budget; Kimberley Wormley seconded the motion which passed with all present in favor, none opposed or abstaining. 
There was discussion of the Pancake Breakfast fundraiser which is in 2 days.  Vanessa asked Jim Schimmer to email the Teach Task Force people and invite them to come to the breakfast.  Mr. McMillen will thank volunteers over PA at the event and will make an announcement for Chili Night at the breakfast itself.  The Elks may donate more goods than they have committed to, but they may not.  There will be Chili Cookoff reminder cards available at the Breakfast. 
Kimberley spoke about some volunteer vacancies, including International Day.  Conversation took place and three co-chairs stepped forward!  Dondi Hubley is 6th grade play chair; she is asking for a co-chair in order to move forward.  CeRae Speidel mentioned that she is wearing two hats, and Terrie Marshall indicated she would take over being Board member at large.  Robin O’Leary moved to elect Terrie to this position; Brian Olson seconded the motion which passed with all in favor, none opposed or abstaining. 
Mike Berger moved to adjourn the meeting; Laura Cooper seconded the motion which passed with all in favor, none opposed or abstaining.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Cooper, Teach Boosters secretary

Action Items:
Item Description
Completion date
Thank you notes to district people who helped get Teach going on this campus; secretary needs names of people/addresses
Boosters Board
Master calendar, chairperson vacancies
Kimberley W.
Next meeting
Volunteer coordinator, hospitality coordinator, assist Dondi with 6th grade play, Ask Kimberley for others, yearbook co-chair with Randi (Suzanne was interested, Mukta will help), co-chair with Summer for March-a-thon
Board and parents present
Next meeting
Amend bylaws
Draft wording and send out before next meeting
Shade: planting trees?  (student council had offered in past to buy trees), Sun fabric? More umbrellas are coming??
Jim Schimmer, Mr. McMillen
Boosters Meeting date; Melinda cannot do Fridays, Laura can only do Thursdays after noon, or anytime on Fridays. Request to make meeting time about 1 or 1:15 if on Thursdays or Fridays (to coincide with end of school day)
Send out poll via email by Monday 9/8/14

Monday, September 1, 2014

Teach Pancake Breakfast

Social & Fundraiser

Sunday, Sept 7
8:00 - 10:30 a.m.
at the Elks Lodge
(222 Elks Lane, San Luis Obispo)

Please join Teach students, families, friends and staff for a fun morning and pancake breakfast.

Mr. McMillen, Mr. Lanier, Mrs. Robson, Mrs. Serafin, Mr. Crabb, Mrs. Whitaker, Mrs. Woehrle, Mrs. Crabb, and Teach Boosters will be cooking, greeting and serving you and your family.  Arrive any time between 8:00 and 10:30 a.m. to enjoy breakfast.  Come join the Teach family on this fun, Sunday morning!

Tickets are $5 each and can be purchased at school or through Vanessa Rizzo (431-2975).  Tickets will also be available at the door.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Students are picking fresh strawberries, donated by Hunt Family Farm to top your pancakes.

SLO Elks Lodge 322

Coastal Peaks Coffee

San Luis Paper Co.

Thank you for your generosity!!