Tiger Challenge 2023

 Welcome to the 2023 Tiger Challenge!

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What is the Tiger Challenge?

The Tiger Challenge is the main fundraiser for all programs paid for by the Teach Booster Club, including overnight science camps to Camp Ocean Pines (4th grade), Astrocamp (5th grade) and Catalina Island Marine Institute (6th grade), as well as our day field trips, History Walkthroughs, Innovation & Engineering projects, social & community events, yearbook, art classes, and more.

The Tiger Challenge culminates in the Tiger Challenge Games Day, a beloved Teach tradition of field games and relay races that emphasizes team work, physical challenges & lots of fun!

Each Teach student also receives a special Tiger Challenge t-shirt with their name on it.

This year, we need to raise $130,000, with a goal of each student raising $900, to fund these programs.

How can Teach families prepare for the Tiger Challenge?

1) Prepare for your student's individual fundraising URL by updating your Aeries authorizations (deadline: Sept. 5):

To receive email notifications from our online fundraising website through 99Pledges, you need to give permission on the district Aeries Student Information System

You can do this by updating/confirming the information on your student's Aeries portal. 

If you wish to receive communications from 99Pledges, you need check "Allow" for the "Release of parent....email address for school related purposes."

This allows 99Pledges to email you a direct link to your student's unique fundraising URL as well as a link that allows you to customize that page (if you wish to add a photo or otherwise customize it). They will also send you notifications when friends or family donate to your student's Tiger Challenge fundraising page. 

So if you haven't already reviewed & confirmed the information for this year, please do so by Sept. 5!

1a) What if I don't want to allow the release of my email, or I don't confirm the information in Aeries on time?

That's OK! Your child will still have a unique fundraising URL, which you can still share with friends & family via social media, email, text, etc.

You just won't receive a direct link or updates via email, nor will you be able to customize their page.

However, once individual pages are generated (Sept. 8), you can search for your student on the main fundraiser page

2) Brainstorm fundraising strategies with your student!

We know $900 is a big ask, and we encourage families to think creatively about ways to make this goal achievable. 

This can include:

  • Checking with your employer (or family members' employers?!) to see if the company provides matching donations - Teach Boosters is a qualifying 501(c)(3) not-for-profit (Federal Tax ID#77-0384261); or
  • Hosting fun, creative fundraisers to involve your student in the process! 
    • Consider ideas like washing cars, completing chores for neighbors, hosting a lemonade stand/bake sale, making & selling friendship bracelets or other crafts, holding a music concert, gifting donors a special drawing or other artwork, hosting an event like a home run derby or air hockey tournament...the possibilities are endless!
    • Or maybe your student loves to go door-to-door (with a supervising adult of course!) soliciting donations, or maintains a spreadsheet with potential donors and tracks their fundraising requests & receipts, or otherwise takes the lead in some of the fundraising endeavors.

Involving your student in the process helps them feel more ownership over the fundraising, as well as the science camps they attend & the other programs Boosters provides through Tiger Challenge funding. 

We celebrate that with a special weekly award for the Most Creative &/or Student-Driven Fundraiser Prize, so don't forget: if your student does fundraise in a creative manner, have them let the Booster Club know so they qualify! This recognition isn't about how much money they raise, but how much effort they put into supporting their school and fellow classmates.

Students need to complete this entry form to be eligible for the weekly Most Creative/Student Driven prize.

3) Please donate BEFORE your student goes to camp!

The Booster Club needs to pay for camp in full before students depart, so we encourage families to make their donations as soon as possible, and ideally before camp begins (Sept. 18 for 6th graders; Oct. 4th for 5th graders).

You can donate immediately to the Tiger Challenge main fundraising page, and we will allocate your donation to your student's specific page once the individual pages are up. 
  • (When donating, please give an email address you use so we can contact you if we aren't sure which student to match with your donation, for instance if last names differ, etc.)

Your timely donation is VERY appreciated!!

4) Attend our inaugural Booster Club Town Hall & Tiger Challenge Kick-Off meeting: Sept. 11, 5:30 pm on Zoom

Our very first Booster Club Town Hall meeting doubles as a Tiger Challenge Kick-Off and is a great opportunity to learn more about the Tiger Challenge; camp costs & why the Booster Club is asking for $900 per student; and exchange fundraising ideas and strategies with other families.

These Booster Town Hall meetings are entirely virtual and a Zoom link will be sent through ParentSquare the day of the meeting.

5) Keep checking this space for more information & links to fliers for donor forms, business sponsorships & more!