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Teach Boosters is a parent-led, not-for-profit organization providing formative educational experiences for Teach School where students love learning and choose the challenge of accelerated academics.

Our desired outcome is that through these programs our students grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and creatively and develop into future contributors to our diverse, global community.

All parents and legal guardians of current Teach students are members of Teach Boosters!  There are no membership forms to fill out and no membership dues.

Governance:  In accordance with the Bylaws, Board Officer & Member nominations are held by the May meeting and elections are held by the June meeting for terms effective July 1-June 30 for the following school year.

2017-18 Board

Booster Board
Robyn O'Leary
Vice President
Anika Clements
Lena Eagon
Grace Seng
Board Member at Large
Cindy Elliott

Board Member at Large
Dianne DeTurris

Staff Representative
Darla Batistic

Note:  Ann Kitajima is the auditor and independent of the Board.

We invite you to attend our monthly Teach Boosters Board Meetings, volunteer at one of our many exciting events and share your ideas for the future of Teach School.

Teach Booster Board Meetings are held monthly and will be reflected in the Teach School calendar.  Meetings are scheduled for Fri Sep 8 1pm-2:30pm, Fri Oct 13 1pm-2:30pm, Wed Nov 15 8:30am-10am, Fri Dec 8 1pm-2:30pm, Fri Jan 19 1pm-2:30pm, Fri Feb 9 1pm-2:30pm, Fri Mar 9 11am-12:30pm, Fri Apr 13 1pm-2:30pm Nomination and Fri May 11 1pm-2:30pm Elections.  June meeting to be scheduled after new Board is elected.


These extraordinary opportunities of discovery and learning during overnight study trips to Catalina Island Marine Institute (6th), Yosemite (5th) and Camp Ocean Pines (4th), Innovation & Exploration Initiative projects, celebrating the creative arts (artist-in-residence, 6th grade play, Walk through History for all grade levels), day field trips, and more are estimated to cost $96,000 or approximately $600 per student.
In Spring 2016, 93% of Teach School parents surveyed agree that these trips are worthwhile enrichment experiences for their children.

The ability for the Boosters to provide these programs at ~$96,000 annually is contingent upon the success of the Tiger Challenge donations and fundraisers during the school year.


Teach Boosters is committed to providing the above programs for all our students.  The programs are funded by voluntary donations and fundraisers.  Boosters rely on Tiger Challenge donations as the primary funding source for the programs, because traditional school-wide fundraisers for our small school (5 classrooms) do not generate as much funding as those of larger schools.

We gratefully accept donations via check payable to "Teach Boosters" at Teach School office or via online donations at the Teach Booster store which has 2.5% handling fee to cover ecommerce costs.
  • These donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law as Teach Boosters is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Federal Tax ID# 77-0384261.  Consult your tax advisor for specific details.
  • Corporate Matching can double your donations! Does your employer match your donations to not-for-profits like us?  A partial list of companies that match can be found here or searchable here.  Find out from your Human Resources/ Benefits department!
We are a registered charity for donations and corporate matching on Benevity, GuideStar, PayPal Giving and Amazon Smile.

Other ways to support our school are listed here.


The high level of parent involvement at Teach is one of the strengths of our school, and we are eager for  you join in the fun!   Your involvement helps Teach School make a profound, positive impact on our students as they grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and creatively and as they develop into future contributors to our diverse, global community.

See volunteer opportunities here.


Thank you for being a part of our wonderful Teach School community.  We -- especially our students -- are grateful for your volunteer time and financial support.  We could not provide these formative educational experiences for our students without you.

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