Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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What a great time we had at our Chili Cookoff!
Announcing our winners:

Chili Man holds the trophies.
Best in Show:  Doris Kim, Uncle Buddy's Sausage Chili
Best Mild:  Paige Peake-Wright, The Wright Chili
Best Spicy:  Doris Kim, Uncle Buddy's Sausage Chili
Best Vegetarian: Bernadette & Charles Birdsong, Healthy Heart
Most Unique:  Jeffrey Smith, Chile-Chile Bang-Bang

Special thanks to John Nordus for organizing our dinner.  Everything looked fantastic!  (All photos click to enlarge.)  Thanks also to our decorating and dinner committees:  Grace Kim, Angellia Moore, Ziyad Naccasha, Doris Kim, Jacque Evers, Vicki Schemmer, Kelly Hotaling, Maija Beaudoin, Derek Gragson, Sara Cruce, Derek Mayberry, Beth Meyer, Mary Franzmann, Wendy Turner, Andrew Schaffner, Erica Stewart, Maura Rohrborgh, Rasa Fournier, Cindy Stolper, Jill Doyle, Pia Laurie, Lisa Hargrave, Solina Lindahl, Sandy Robinett, Riana Baxter, David Wilson.  Scrip Committee:  Paige Peake-Wright, Doris Kim, Jessica Napier.  Judging Committee:  Taffy Gonzalez, Altee Vigil, Sunshine Cowgill.  We had amazing judges from Camp San Luis Obispo - thanks so much, fellas, for bravely trying and evaluating all 23 chilis!  Judges: Sgt. Brian Lawson, Sgt. Hoyt Law, Lt. Eric Vigil.
Our judges from Camp San Luis Obispo

Our scrip contest winners were also announced:

Highest Scrip Sales:  Hailey Kim
Highest Enrollment:  Mrs. Jones' Class
Drawing for new Scrip Customers:

Alice gets a little fresh playground grass.
And finally, the winners of our Cow Plop Bingo:
Lukas Mackin
Dan Reddell

Alice (this is Alice) plopped on a line between two squares and Lukas and Dan graciously agreed to share the $1000 prize.  And Teach Elementary School wins too, with $2674 in profits from the bingo going to fund study trips, Battle books, AR tests for the library, field trips and more.  Very special thanks to Tammy Haas and the Haas family, without whom Bovine Bingo would not have been possible.

Congratulations to all our winners!!

Not only that, but we had a great dinner and the kids had a ton of fun playing GaGa Ball.  Very special thanks from the committee and especially from the kids goes to Jim Schemmer, who built this beautiful GaGa Pit for the kids to play their new favorite game.  Thanks Jim!!
 THEN, we were all treated to a Salsa Lesson, thanks to our favorite school employee, Terri Fossmier!  Thanks so much for the fabulous music and the fun dancing!
Terri and her granddaughter teach the basic Salsa step.
By the end of the evening, people were really getting the hang of it!
Thanks, Teach Families for making this a great event!

If you have names, photos or other information to share, please email it to Sunshine Cowgill.

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