Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2011 Boosters Meeting Minutes

Teach Boosters Meeting Minutes
Sept. 2, 2011

Sunshine called meeting to order at 8:34.

Financial report by Altee...lots of parents have paid for Catalina. We have purchased Quickbooks Online and are now in the early testing stages and will make sure kinks are worked out before we go "live" with real information. Lyn Cowgill has been very helpful with working out the kinks in the system. Genevieve is happening now!

Sunshine and Altee advised that they are very seriously considering moving the bank account (checking) from where it currently is to Chase. Discussion followed on considering other institutions, such as Golden 1 and the credit union where Jeff York is the CEO as they were very generous to our auction last year. Altee will be reviewing the financial institutions discussed and make a decision. CD's and student government account financial institution will be relooked when the CD's mature.

Principals Report - Mr. Block discussed how both schools are "bursting at the seams" and that he is proud to welcome our two new teachers to TEACH. He also discussed the parking lot scene and reminded parents not to arrive at the loading zone until at least 2:15 and to consider other options, such as Highland Drive and behind the school.

Room Reps - Karen Panasewicz and Denise Jenkins offered to be 4th grade reps. Nara Clark and Riana Baxter offered to be 5th grade reps. Opening exists for 6th grade reps.

Teacher Report - Mrs. Jones thanks Boosters for helping in making Catalina a possibility. She mentioned that if we pay the yearbook company we used last year early we will get a substantial discount. Discussion happened on other options as Chantal Blanchard mentioned she had great success with another company who didn't require such early deadlines. It was decided that Mrs. Jones would research both companies. In the interest of time, Mrs. Jones was granted permission by unanimous approval to use up to $500 as a deposit for the yearbook with whichever company she picks as the deadline will be before the next Boosters Meeting. This motion was moved by Kurt Rightmyer and seconded by Stacy Thacker.

Mrs. Jones also mentioned as part of the yearbook finances each teacher needed a zip drive, plus one for the 6th graders putting together the yearbook. It was unanimously approved that Mrs. Jones could spend up to $150 for flash drives. Motion moved by Altee Vigil and seconded by Nara Clark.

T-shirts - deadline will be extended by one week as not all students received the flyer this week.

Check Writing - Taffy Gonzalez moved that the signers for the 2011/2012 school year on the Teach Boosters Checking account will be Sunshine Cowgil, Altee Vigil and Jocelyn Leonard. The motion was seconded by Kurt Rightmyer.

Genevieve - Pia Laurie mentioned needing help counting money next Friday. Summer Kabaker offered to assist.

Chili Cookoff - Lori Shields offered to chair the Chili Cookoff.

Math Fair - It was decided to invite Mrs. Rosenfield to the October boosters meeting so that she could discuss the math fair and by then, hopefully, she would know how much money she needed as her grants might be determined by then.

Meeting adjourned 9:50am.

Minutes were taken by Taffy Gonzalez for Jocelyn Leonard who was unable to attend.
Thank you very much Taffy!

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