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Teach Booster Club Meeting April 2012 Minutes

Teach Booster Club Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2012

Attendees:  Taffy Gonzalez, Altee Vigil, Riana Baxter, Lori Shields, Sunshine Cowgill, Ioona Carpenha, Chantal Blanchard, Marie Newmann, Summer Kabaker, Denise Jenkins, Dan Block, and Jocelyn Leonard.
The meeting was called to order at 8:35 a.m. Riana moved to approve the March minutes, Iona seconded the motion.  All were in favor. 
Financial Report:  There is $700 in the Student Council fund.  The money will stay put until we find out what is happening with the student council.  This is at SBBT.  We also have $1395.24 at this bank, in a CD.  At Coast Hills we have $48,258.99.  We also have a CD worth $10,012.72 here, for a total of $58,271.72.  All of the bills have been paid, with the exception of two bills which have just come in.  The District is all paid up.  We have a credit card for the Derby.  It will direct deposit the money directly into our checking account, with no fee.  It is called “Square” for Droid, iPhone, etc.  Your sign for your Derby purchase on the phone, and then get an e-mail receipt sent to you with your signature on it.  There is a 2.7% fee on purchases.  Taffy moved that we add a convenience fee to the bill for Credit Card purchases, so that we don’t lose money.  This will not be for auction items though.  It will be for student accounts only…i.e. paying for student trips, etc.   Chantal seconded the motion.  All were in favor. 
Student Council:  There will be a movie afternoon the first Friday in May.  Popcorn will be served.  Penny Wars is coming up the week after STAR testing.  STAR testing starts May 8.  It will run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday or two weeks. 
Principal’s Report:  The 6th grade play is coming up.  It will be Grease this year.  The cost of the play will be $3000 this year, due to 50% more students.  This fee goes to the director, costumes, sets, play rights, etc.  There was some discussion regarding whether the play is something we want to continue doing each year.  It appears that it is. 
Chantal had a question regarding yearbook funds.  Mrs. Jones needs money for the yearbooks. 
Class Representatives:  Lori had no new news from Mr. Crabb’s class.  Ms. Robson will be taking over the student council.  She has some questions about the student council money.  The money is to be separated out into a separate account for student council.  Mrs. Robson can get records from Lisa Hargrave and money information from Altee.  Next year’s student council will have their own bank account. 
Mr. Block let us know that there will be a 6th grade parent coffee with the Jr. High principal coming up, so that parents will get to know more about Jr. High, and want to stay involved in middle school. 
March-a-thon:  We raised $9007.52! 
Auction:  Auction is tomorrow night!  The programs are all done, and the tickets are sold out.  Central Coast Gymnastics is also sold out.  There are money things to bid on.  The goal is to raise $10,000. 
Sundial:  Booster club will not be able to pay any money toward the sundial from two years ago, unless we get a request from student council.
Applebee’s Fundraiser:  We made $1200.  $1000 goes toward Math Day, leaving $200 left over.  There was a lengthy discussion regarding if the money was to be spent on Math Day, or on software, and on the budget in general.  There were questions about where the money goes, and where it comes from.  Lori requested that we see the budget at each meeting.  There will be a budget meeting next month, to get everyone up to speed on our budget. 
Teacher’s Report:  Mrs. Jones came in to represent the teachers.  International Day is next Friday.  We need someone to organize it next year.  Regarding the yearbook…it will be done May 14.  Chantal and Suzanne Mulay have been working really hard on it.  Thank you Chantal and Suzanne!  The cost to make the yearbook is $12, and it will be sold for $18 to help cover all costs.  There will be a same family discount. 
Regarding the 6th grade play, more money is needed this year, due to the increased number on students.  Mrs. Jones was asked if she felt that the 6th grade play was warranted, or just too much work.  She said that she thinks it is definitely worthwhile, and that the director does most of the work.  We are going to need to do another fundraiser to help pay the extra costs of the play, since the amount is higher than we budgeted for.  Taffy said she would look into New Frontier’s % fundraiser.  There is also the option of Teaberry, which is a local yogurt shop downtown.  They will pick a day or a week and give a % of sales to your organization.  There is currently money in the bank accounts to pay for the play and the yearbook, so these fundraisers will be for next year, to replenish our account.  The play will be May 22.  Angelia is working on a bake sale to be held at the play, to help raise money.  Marie volunteered to help.  Contact Suzanne if  you can help. 
Book Fair:  Book Fair raised $1256.76!  Thank you Chantal!   
New Board Members for Next Year:  We need a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three grade representatives.  Treasurer may become a two person job.  One would be the Treasurer, and one the Financial Secretary.  Mr. Block is an executive board member.  A staff member is needed at each meeting.  Sunshine will consolidate the job descriptions.  Summer offered to help type them up.  The lottery is on Tuesday for next year’s students.  So far the nominees we have for next year are:  Summer for President, and Chantal for Vice President.  If anyone has any nominees for any of the postions, or would like to nominate themselves, please let a board member know.  We could use everyone’s input and help.  Sunshine will e-mail and type up a flyer for the general population to see if there are any more nominees. 
The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m.

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