Monday, March 18, 2013

Take Charge of Education and Support Teach

Target is now offering a debit card for TCOE.

Have a Target REDcard?  Are you signed up for Take Charge of Education?

What if you don't have a REDcard?  What if you don't even use credit cards?  Target is now offering a RED debit card.  Yay!  This is basically a debit card that's attached to your checking account, so it operates like you are writing a check at Target.  (It works similarly to the one Nordstrom and other retailers are using for special purchases.)  And it has some nice benefits too:

5% off Target Purchases
Free shipping at

and most importantly:
1% of your purchase goes to Teach!

That means if you are buying toilet paper, armor all, baby socks, video games, potting soil, sheets, jewelry, soap, sporting goods, milk, sweaters, furniture, toys...1% of all that will go directly to Teach.

Go to the super secret link to find out about the benefits of the program and enroll your school or apply for a RED credit or debit card. I'm not sure why, but the link that Target provides does not now work, nor has it ever worked to take you to the page you need.  There is no link at, and there's no search results that come up.  This is the link:  You can find it any time with Google, no problem.

If you already have a REDcard, you can go here to sign up Teach (or any other school you like) to receive the 1% of your purchases.

If you don't have a REDcard, but would like to get one, you can apply here. You can apply for the debit card at the store, in line, by paying with a check.  It's easy!

Please remember to read the privacy policy and everything, as they do share information with affiliates.  The APR for the credit card is 22.9%.  (Go with debit!)

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