Friday, August 23, 2013

Welcome back to Scrip!

Welcome back to school!

After the exciting first days of school, it's time to buckle down, get that morning routine in order and start thinking about the school year.  Teach is the special experience it is because of all the great projects, opportunities and trips our children get to participate in.  And none of that is cheap.  For the past few years, Teach Elementary has participated in two scrip programs (Great Lakes Scrip aka GL Scrip, and eScrip) that have brought in significant money for our educational programs, supplies and equipment through rebates and promotional credits.  Both Scrip programs are so very easy to participate in, that you can start earning money for Teach after taking just a few minutes on-line to sign up!

Please take a moment to find out about our scrip programs here.

There is a detailed description of the programs, including instructions on enrollment, FAQ for both GL Scrip and eScrip, and our chairperson's phone number if you need help.  GL Scrip can really earn lots of money for us, and eScrip earns money for us even when we don't know it and aren't paying attention!

If you buy gas, groceries, or gifts, or you travel, you could earn money for Teach by buying GL Scrip gift cards - at home and on the go! You can use the eScrip mobile dining app to earn money for Teach while you are dining out.  If you're an online shopper, you can use the online eMall or the widget to earn cash money for Teach while you shop online.  If you buy your groceries at Von's or Ralph's, you can earn money for Teach by using your regular rewards card, if it is registered with eScrip.   Teach benefits no matter which programs you participate in.

Do you do your best shopping at night, or on weekends? Do you ever think, "If I only had time to plan ahead . . ."? If you sign up for PrestoPay to pay for your scrip gift cards, ScripNow! and Reloads, you'll never have to drop off checks or order forms at school again, and you could even purchase Scrip to pay for your purchase while you are at the store.  Yay!


Get a PrestoPay Account!

Get ScripNow! without even leaving your computer!

Awesome!  What kinds of reloadable cards can I fill with PrestoPay?

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