Friday, December 6, 2013

Charles E Teach Booster Board meeting

December 6, 2013

Charles E Teach Elementary School – Room 27

 Board Members

Randi Barros –Co- Vice President
Dan Block – Principal/Teach School Rep
Mignon Jones – Treasurer
Vanessa Rizzo – Board member at large/4th Grade rep
Morgan Robertson – Board member at large/6th Grade rep
Lori Shields – Secretary
Helen Sipsas – President
Kimberly Wormley – Co-Vice President

Other Guests In Attendance
Idonna Cabrinha
Taffy Gonzalez
Brian Olson
Kurt Rightmyer
CeRae Speidel

Call to Order - 8:40 am

        I.          Welcome & Introductions

      II.          Review & Approval of Minutes – Minutes from the 11/8/13 meeting was reviewed.  Helen clarified that the Math progression for students will consist of one of two 7th grade math classes – a regular, or an accelerated one.  Algebra will start no sooner than 8th grade.  A motion to approve the minutes reviewed was made, seconded and carried.
    III.          Finance Update – Mignon informed the group that she spoke to the bookkeeper too late, so there was not a report available for the most recent month ending.  She did note that the boosters recently paid some large invoices, so those numbers will be in the next report and give a more accurate description of where we are at.

Helen noted that pledges have been reviewed.  4th & 5th grade families have been fairly good with following through with their pledges, but reminders will be going out shortly for those that have not followed through yet.  Charge card capability will be in effect soon.  Helen's goal is to review missing pledges this month and reach out to people to that have not paid yet.  Ms. Bailey has asked for the Boosters to reinstate funding for the Hearst Castle 6th grade trip.  Since we don't have a current financial statement, Helen would like to wait to decide on support of the Hearst Castle trip.
    IV.          Battle of the Books (BB) - Kimberly Charles has been working on accumulating a new set of books for the classroom.  The budget was approved for $500 of new books.  Mr. Block approved use of some school funds to help purchase additional copies.

Taffy recommended Anika Clements as a reference for labeling and protecting the books that we eventually get.  Packing tape was used previously to cover books, and labels were placed on the books to make sure people knew they were supposed to be property of the Boosters.  Brian Olson noted that he purchased a full set of books during the summer, and will connect with Kimberly to see if there is a cheaper option for purchasing.

      V.          Principal's Report – Dan Block reports that the Big Brothers Big Sisters event is tomorrow, and some plans are being revised due to impending rain.  He also discussed the move of Teach to the former Pacheco campus.  A lot of effort is being put into planning for the move.  He will be going to the site soon to determine the primary needs for the campus to get it ready.  He hopes to have something to show at the next Booster meeting to talk about needs, and solicit ideas for what we can do with the space to maximize uses.  The MPR will be a bargaining chip to trade for space needs with the SLO Classical Academy.  At the same board mtg that Teach was approved for moving to the former Pacheco campus, Wi-Fi was also approved for all SLO Coastal elementary schools.  We don't have a computer lab, but will have computers on carts? Staffing is fairly stable, and there is no expectation for new needs for next year. Extended staff - PE, Music, etc, will need to be figured out. There will be open enrollment for 5th & 6th graders, as well as for 4th grade.  Mr. Block is looking forward to planning the "classroom of the future" of sorts for the new Teach campus.  He will be visiting LOMS to see what they did and learn from that to plan for next year.  Morgan suggested a 6th grade project be a mural or something similar that they can leave for their fellow schoolmates at the new school.

    VI.         Teach Directory – Kimberly says that the most current version of the directory is complete, and has been given to Janet Crabb for proofreading.

  VII.         Grade Rep Updates – Helen reminded everyone that we still need to schedule the Genevieve fundraiser prizes - ice cream social, pizza party & Top 4 winner lunch.  Hopefully in January these things can be arranged.  Helen asked Mr. Block to find a date for lunch.

4th grade - Vanessa commented that she has had to do very little so far, and is hoping to arrange another picnic/gathering in the next couple of months.

5th grade - Kurt informed the group that Ms. Robson is missing a whole set of BB books.  He also said that their Innovation Exploration Initiative (IEI) project is a surfboard, and she will be submitting expenses for it shortly. It appears that some parents have been cancelling out on activity sign-ups, and she could use help following up with support.

6th grade - Morgan commented that it was good that we were talking about scheduling the class parties, as there was concern that they weren’t going to happen.  As a side note to the Hearst castle discussion, she said that she and her husband know people in the State Parks system, and they may be able to get a discount for the school if the trip is approved. She noted that the kids are having fun with their IEI project, as well as the Geography Bee.  The school-wide Bee is scheduled for Jan 10th.

VIII.          Events -
Electives - Idonna informed the group that she was helping out with getting the electives in place, as well as assisting with International Day.  She stated that help with those events is needed and would be appreciated.  There were a fair amount of names from people interested in teaching electives in winter, but she recommends lining up volunteers before the break, so teachers have time to get out classes to the students and plan for needs.  Eleven spaces are available for classes, and there are five commitments already for classes.  There is a need for someone on Jan 16th, the first day of Electives, to volunteer to float between classes and get students to the right place, help with supplies, etc. This would be from approximately 12:45 - 1:15 pm.

6th Grade play - Dondi could not attend, but the plans for the play are moving forward.

Craft Fair – Randi announced that today is the 1st Annual Craft Fair, and it is from 2:30 - 5:00 pm.  20 tables of crafts and baked goods will be filled.  The event was posted in the Tribune three times, and she is hoping for a good turnout.  Kimberly recommended we try to get sandwich boards for future events for advertising.  Randi could also use extra help this afternoon.

Dinner Auction – Taffy reminded everyone that the event will be on April 12th at Cafe Roma.  The logistics are organized, and now we need donations.  Please talk to Taffy if you are willing to reach out to organizations for donations. There is a plan to make the classrooms decorate the horses for the Derby auction.
    IX.         Open Forum – Next meeting is on January 10th.
      X.         Adjournment – 9:50 am

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