Saturday, April 12, 2014

Charles E Teach Booster Board meeting
April 4, 2014
Charles E Teach Elementary School – Room 22

 Board Members
Randi Barros –Co- Vice President
Dan Block – Principal/Teach School Rep
Mignon Jones – Treasurer - absent
Vanessa Rizzo – Board member at large/4th Grade rep
Morgan Robertson – Board member at large/6th Grade rep-absent
Lori Shields – Secretary
Helen Sipsas – President
Kimberly Wormley – Co-Vice President- absent

Other Guests In Attendance
Taffy Gonzales- Auction Chair
Kurt Rightmyer- 5th Grade rep
Altee Vigil
Lorraine Byde
Kimberly Charles
Denise Jenkins
Lorraine Jackson
Wendy Sylvester
Brian Olson
 Call to Order - 8:35 am

        I.            Welcome & Introductions

      II.            Transition Team – Helen provided information from the last meeting of the Teach campus transition team. It looks like there will be six classrooms at the new campus, two for each grade. Teach will need to hire two new teachers for the fall. It looks like the campus will be full at that point.
    III.          Finance Update – Mignon reported that she is still getting pledges in for the study trips, so she is still making deposits.  The Triangle payment device is all set up for PayPal and just needs account information input. Mignon will test it this weekend to ensure it is ready to accept credit cards at the auction.

Helen has done some rough calculations and it appears that the Boosters budget is currently just a couple of thousand dollars away from breaking even for the year.  Following the auction, it looks like the Boosters will have a surplus.  Helen pointed out that the Boosters had to do more with fewer classrooms, and parents, this year, and she was pleased the Boosters were able to work without touching any reserves, provide the teachers with everything they asked for, while hopefully being able to leave a surplus for next year. She pointed out that the surplus will be needed, since there will be six class rooms next year, and deposits for next year's trips are going to come due soon.  Helen noted that her goals for the year seem to have been achieved since the school is growing next year, and it appears the current board will be able to leave a reserve for next year.

    IV.         Booster Succession Plan- Helen is encouraging new applicants. She will help with the transition to a new Booster board and provide advice. One person has already approached her expressing interest in the secretary position. Helen noted that the treasurer will continue to rely on a hired bookkeeper, so the position is not as much work as it had been in previous years.  She will speak with current VP Kimberly Wormley to inquire if she is interested in being nominated for next year's Booster President.
Jessica Carlsberg is putting together a nominating committee and working to update the position descriptions.
Pia Laurie has offered to keep coordinating the Genevieve's fundraiser.
      V.            Grade Rep Updates –

4th grade – Vanessa was unable to attend. Denise Jenkins reported that the 4th grade field trip to the aquarium at Avila was a big success. The students participated in many educational activities and overall it appeared to be a very cost-effective local field trip.

5th grade - Kurt reported that the 5th graders had recently attended Cal Poly's Learn by Doing Lab, and it was a big hit.

6th grade – Morgan reported that the sixth grade had their Genevieve's fundraiser incentive party on March 17 (St. Patrick's Day). The sixth graders designed their own specialty flavor through Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab called "Tiger Pride ice cream," and celebrated with a St. Patrick's Day party.  This month the students are rehearsing for the upcoming sixth grade play, the Trial of Goldilocks, which will be performed on April 16. They are also working on the school yearbook. At the end of the month, the sixth grade will also be going to Hearst Castle on April 30.

Sixth graders will take their first Math placement test for Middle School on Tuesday 4/8.  The second SVMI test will be scheduled for a few weeks later. With regards to the sixth grade project (traditionally a mural), Mrs. Serafin and Mr. Lanier  are meeting with Mr. Block in the next week to finalize their plans for it.
    VI.         Principal's Report –  Dan Block

Sixth grade mural/project- Dan stated there was not a lot of mural space at the new campus, so the sixth grade projects there may not be murals. This year, they will probably do their last 'footprint' on the Bishop's Peak campus.

New campus and the upcoming transition- Dan provided an updated report:

·      Using an aerial map that shows the locations of all Teach buildings, Dan presented the latest proposed use for each room.  It looks like there will be six classrooms at the new campus, two for each grade.  With six classrooms, the campus will be considered full. This is anticipated to be the 4-year configuration (through 2018). While it is possible the school could grow after that, Dan emphasized there is no plan for that.

·      It looks like the law school may be out before 6/30/14, which would work out well since that portable unit needs the most work, including the bathrooms. Work on the rest of the portables is expected to go quickly, and will include new carpet and paint.

·      Teach wants to involve students and families in the move, and they are brainstorming for ways the kids can help. Currently plan to have kids help carry some moving boxes in June and help with early landscaping efforts. Helen suggested keeping alumni involved as well.

·      Band will still be available to Teach students, though they may have to be bused to another campus.

·      Club Star- aftercare will be guaranteed, but Teach students may be bused to another campus. It will depend on total numbers. SLO Parks and Recreation will not offer early-care at the new campus.

  VII.        Events –

Book Fair Results- Helen reported that the book fair raised $2700 that will be used to acquire more than 200 books. Robin O'Leary will coordinate with event chair Kimberly Wormley.

March-a-Thon results- Helen reported that the March-a-thon fundraiser raised over $7,000 for Teach. She still needs to confirm with event chair Summer Kabaker, but assuming all $1500 budgeted for expenses was spent, that will result in $5,500 net. 

Dinner Auction – April 12. Taffy stated that donations are still coming in, and that they have done very well receiving donations. As of the meeting time, seventy tickets had been sold and Taffy had more inquiries coming in that day. Auction dinner ticket sales will close on Sunday 4/6/14.  People have started bidding at the online auction.  Taffy reminded everyone to forward the emails about the online auction to friends and family, and reiterated that the Boosters can mail most items out of town if needed. People can email bids up until the night of the auction, but the online bidding will end prior to the dinner event.

VIII.            Next Meeting:  May 2, 2014 at 8:30am in Room 22

    IX.            Adjournment – 9:30 am

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