Saturday, July 26, 2014

We Love Our Volunteers

We're equipping for 2014 - 15... you'll make it great!
There's an fun and rewarding opportunity waiting for you.
Simply click to record your area of interest... it's that easy :)

Maintain database of parent, student, and alumni volunteers; support chairs.
Provide home-baked goods and other treats for work days, open house, staff appreciation.
This event needs a chairperson plus a 6 - 8 helping hands.
Build relationships with the community, the school board, neighbors, SLO Classical Academy, Cal Poly.
Organize student teams for class parties and projects.
Help where needed: school garden, boxtops for education, community service, IEI.
Help where needed: staff appreciation, picture day, money counting, vision screening, hearing screening, etc.
Help where needed: chili cook-off, craft fair, yearbook, back to school night, open house.
High priority needs:
Celebrate the performing arts: guide kids in program production, lighting, sound, setup, video production.
This event needs a chairperson plus a committee of 3 - 4 individuals.
Solicit sponsors, collect pledges, supplies, music, incentives, encouragement.
This event needs a chairperson plus a committee of 2 - 3 individuals plus 8 - 10 helping hands.
This event needs a director plus 4 – 6 helping hands.
Run a specialty class: one afternoon only. Promote cultural awareness.
This event needs a chairperson plus 10 presenters for national symbols, traditions, cuisine, music, dance. 
Run a short specialty class: one hour per week for five weeks.
Support chairpersons with time, talent, and creative energy. Donate goods & service for auction.
The above dates are tentative and open for change by incoming chairpersons.
Questions / changes / additions: contact Kim Wormley also at (805) 602-0121.

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