Saturday, March 25, 2017

TGIF March 31! Tiger Family Lunch & Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser!

Join your Tiger for lunch and turn in Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser envelopes on Friday, March 31!  

Teach Booster Club Fundraising ID is 86015 and deadline for orders is Friday, March 31.

Check out handy dandy tote bags, mobile device accessories, kitchenware, gift wrap & more!  
  • See some samples that are on display in the School Office.
  • Teach Booster Club will earn 40% of sales! 
  • Catalogs are available in School Office and online here.

  • Collect money with orders (no tax) and make checks payable to Teach Booster Club.
  • Turn in envelope with money and a copy of your order form to School Office by Fri, March 31.
  • Keep a copy of your orders to distribute your customer orders.

ONLINE ORDERS Great option for out-of-town contacts as orders ship direct to them!
  • Friends & family can order online here.
  • Earn credit by having them add your student name at the top of the site or during check out.
  • Online orders ship directly to the supporter (anywhere in the US) and shipping is free on orders $75+!


Mixed Bag Designs was founded in 2008 by 2 Bay Area moms, who had a lot of experience with fundraising for their children's schools and felt that there was an opportunity to offer useful products for our daily, busy lives.

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