Monday, April 9, 2018

Needed - Presenters for Global Awareness Day on 4/26

Are you from another country?  Have you visited another country?  Have you learned about another culture and can share?  Partner with a friend if you like, and come and share with the students!
How Global Awareness Day is designed:  
Prior to Global Awareness Day, students will be given a list of countries from which they will request their "top 3" choices. Teachers will assign 3 countries for each student to visit. After a morning assembly, 12 parent volunteers will present a 15-20 minute presentation on a country in 3 sessions to 3 different groups of students. 

We need YOU:  We still need 5-6 parent volunteers (or volunteer teams) to present a country. You don't need to be from a foreign country in order to present, just pick a place that intrigues and fascinates you, or perhaps a country you've visited. You could show pictures, teach a song and/or a dance, play a game, read a book, sample a food, or teach a craft. Each session is only 15 minutes, so it doesn't have to be comprehensive.  Find a friend and do it together!
This is a fun and enriching experience for both parent volunteers and students. 
If you are interested in VOLUNTEERING to present a country or assist with the event, or if you have have any questions about the event, please contact Janet at Teach School Office 805-596-4100.

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