Monday, November 9, 2009

Newsletter - November 9 - BBQ, Candy & T-Shirts

Many students from Teach and Bishop's Peak contributed their extra Halloween candy to send to the troops in Afghanistan.  Mr. Crabb's students got it all packed to ship.  Veteran's day is November 11.  Not only is it a no school day, but for goodness sake, it's Veteran's day.  Take a minute to be thankful for the incredible sacrifice our servicemen and servicewomen have made over our history to make and keep our country the wonderful, free home that it is.  Mr. Crabb's class has invited several veterans to speak in their class and explain a little bit about their personal military experience and answer the kids' questions.  What a great idea - thank you Mr. Crabb!

Woohoo!  Great job on the Barn Party and BBQ!  What a beautiful setting for a nice, family get-together.  We'll have information on the total benefit amount from this fundraiser and photos very soon.  In the meantime, special thanks to all the special people who made this event possible!  That includes all you parents and friends that attended, entered the contests and donated time or materials to make this such a resounding success.

Every family at Teach School benefits financially from this fundraiser. Each student pays several hundred dollars less for his or her study trip because of these efforts. Further, families deliberating attending Teach School see the unity between the families that the event fosters as well as the thoughtfulness of carrying out this type of event on behalf of others.

Got your TeachWear yet?

Here's the order form.  They're cool, they're inexpensive, and they look fantastic!  Orders are due by Monday, November 16.  Show your school spirit!

What's coming up?  I'm so glad you asked:
  • Wednesday, Nov 11:  NO SCHOOL on Wednesday.  Its' Veteran's day.  That'll give you all day to find a veteran to thank.  Don't forget lots of other places will be closed, too.
  • Thursday, Nov 12:  Electives begin.
  • Friday, Nov 13:  Fall Party!  Yes, it's Friday the 13th.  Don't panic.  It'll be fun.  :-) 
  • Friday, Nov 20:  Principal's Coffee in the Library at 8:30 a.m.
  • Wed-Fri Nov 25-27:  Thanksgiving Holiday.  Not only is there no school, but there'll probably be a great dinner.  Visit family and friends and remember to be thankful.  The kids will be thankful that there's no school.  :-)
  • Thursday, Ded 3:  Picture make-up day
  • Friday, Dec 4:  Tiger Pride Assembly 
OUR NEXT BOOSTER CLUB MEETING IS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4 AT 8:30 A.M.  Drop off your kid and stay a while.  We're not snobby and we don't bite.  :-)  So what are you waiting for?  We'd love it if you'd come and join us.  You don't have to come every time.  Drop in if you can.

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