Friday, March 5, 2010

Teach Booster Meeting Notes - March 5, 2010

Present: Jen Flachman, Erica Stewart, Cheryl Clark, Susmita Gupta Pal, Grace Kim-Abroms, Taffy Gonzalez, Sunshine Cowgill, Ahmad Amir, Anne Slocum, Altec Vigil, Kathryn Rogers, and Jocelyn Leonard

Meeting called to order at 8:35 a.m.

Financial Report:

We need to do another fundraiser. All trips for this year are now paid for, and 95% of the students have paid their share. We need to earn more money to get ready for next year. Ahmad suggested that people with connections at local community banks, ask them for donations. Some local, community banks have funds set aside for education. A few people volunteered to contact the various banks in the community regarding this.

Principal's Report:

Dan is not available today to give a report.

Teacher's Report:

Mr. Crabb is asking for support for the Special Olympics event. Sue Pal let us know that her daughter is going to bring 20 volunteers from the high school to help. Grace Kim-Abroms suggested that the Leadership Group at Laguna Middle School could come and help. She will follow up on that.

Mrs. Jones feels very welcome, she may want a set of Battle of the Books for her classroom, Anne will follow up on that. Mr. Crabb may also want a set. Taffy will follow up on that one. Mrs. Kelly is on the Yosemite trip.


Jill Chan is working on the Box Tops. Call her is you can help, or if you have any questions.

Paige Wright is working on the Script for the Spring break vacation. Contact her with any questions. Janet will attach the form for ordering to the newsletter, and Sunshine will put it in the blog.

Open Enrollment: Feb. 23-Mar. 23. Open house will be on the 10th. We need donations of cookies, lemonade, and coffee, and someone to decorate the goodie table. Jen will send out an e-mail. Contact Jen Flachman if you can help. Open house is 6:30-7:30 on the 10th (Wednesday). Prospective students and their families come at 6 p.m. Cookies could be brought in and dropped off in the morning. Put them in the corner of the teacher's lounge--where the construction rolls are--on the back counter. Put a note on them, so they don't get eaten by mistake.
Ads for open enrollment are going to run in the newspaper next week--Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Sunshine will put the ads in the blog if you would like to see them. We voted on the expenditure of the ads. The cost is $330. Anne moved to approve the expenditure. Ahmad seconds this, but adds the we include up to $500 in case the price is up this year. Taffy seconded this. All were in favor.

March-a-thon is March 19. There will be a kick-off assembly next week. Volunteers are needed. You are all welcome to come out and cheer on our kids. Cheryl will find out what time our kids are running, so that parents can come watch. There will be a hot dog lunch available for anyone interested in staying for a picnic lunch. Also needed: cut up fruit--to give to the kids, and sponsorships. Jen will send the sponsorship letter around again to everyone.

Bookfair: Belinda Morrill is in charge of this . It will run March 22-26. Belinda needs help the Friday before, to help set up all of the books, and she needs help at lunchtime and after school to sell the books. Belinda will set up a sign-up sheet. Several people signed up to help at the beginning of the year. You will be contacted soon.

Chili cook-off: Set for May 5th. We will have a chili-cookoff and a Big Buck Bingo games. It will be a Cinco de Mayo theme, so bring in your salsas and chili! We will be sending out more information as it becomes available! Jen will send out an e-mail to everyone. Sunshine will work on the flyer. Flyers will be passed out at Open House to prospective parents also.

6th grade play: Kathryn is looking for more sound mikes for the kids to use. Does anyone know anyone with sound mikes? Someone suggested Victoria Doust who is the artist in residence at Cayucos Elementary. Someone else suggested we consider buying them so we have them from year to year. Kathryn will look into this.

Helen had an update about Spanish afterschool classes. She contacted Laguna and spoke with their Spanish teacher. She estimated that the cost of a teacher for after school classes would be approximatelyI $500/month. There was discussion about a field trip to Laguna Middle School and a task force to further investigate foreign language opportunities for Teach. Helen and Kathryn to follow up.

Monday is the distinguished school visit. Kathryn moved that the Boosters pay for breakfast and lunch for the delegation. Anne Slocum seconded, and the motion was passed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.

Submitted by Jocelyn Leonard, Secretary

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