Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Upcoming Events and Activities Recap

4th grade students got to try out musical instruments provided by the San Luis Symphony's Music Van.

Our science fair was a huge success, with 100% participation by students from 3rd through 6th grade at Teach and Bishop's Peak Elementary Schools!  Photos are coming.

Special Olympics Update

Very special thanks to all the people who have volunteered to help out during Teach's Special Olympics event.  The day's schedule for April 17 and more information is coming up.  We're so excited to make this a great community event with help from students, families and staff.  There's a great lineup of events, including wii games, so this will definitely be a unique event for the Special Olympics.  Stay tuned!

Garden Update

(from the Teach Newsletter) Some of you may know that a small group of Cal Poly architecture students have been studying ways to make an experiential garden teaching space back by our school garden. These students have been talking to staff, students, and parents about their design ideas, which they call "a space to learn, explore, and be inspired by nature." They are in the design phase now, and hope to begin constructing the "space" in late spring. Any design or material ideas, or any other thoughts will be most welcome! Please contact Sandy Stannard at stannard@calpoly.edu or Mavis Wong at maviswong@charter.net

For a current look at their developing design please see our Design Flyer.

Want to get involved in charity events?  Here's a nice list of ways kids can help!

The Canned Food Drive is still ongoing.  Hunger knows no season - please bring your canned and dry goods in and deposit them in the canned food collection bin.

Walk for Water provides clean and save drinking water for children in Kenya.  With a $10 donation, you can provide clean water to a child in Kenya for 10 years.  The walk for water is April 18 at 2:00 at the Bob Jones Trailhead.  Please visit www.walkforwells.org for more information, or email Arielle Stallman (see directory for her email address) to let her know if you can walk on April 18!

Give a Day, Get a Day at Disneyland:  Sam Eisendrath and Madison Musgrave and local administrators for Disney's Give a Day, Get a Day.  Anyone who donates a day of time to Prado Day Center or Homeless Shelter can get a free day at Disneyland!  Email Sam and Madison (see the directory for Sam's email address) for more info.

Akshaya Patry offers school lunches as an incentive for students to attend.  For many, it's their only meal of the day.  Sam Pal will be selling bracelets after school for $2.50 to support this group.  For every seven bracelets bought, a child is given food and education for a year!

Kids 4 Kures - see the banner in our right column.

Teach/Bishop's Peak Donation to Red Cross
Many children donated personally from their own allowances and savings for this particular charity.  We are all so very proud of you!

Dear Children:  Our change collection for caring for the children of Haiti is over.  You were all so very generous, digging deep into your pockets and banks and giving to those who have been in so much pain and distress and desperately needing water, food, medical supplies and staff.  We will be giving our check to the American Red Cross.  I will report the total amount collected in the next newsletter.  So to all of you I say, "BE PROUD OF YOURSELF; WALK STRAIGHT AND TALL, FOR YOU ARE THE CARING CHILDREN WHO HAVE CARED FOR OTHER CHILDREN IN DESPERATE NEED."  Thank you, Ronni Johnson

March-a-Thon is Next Friday!

Our 2010 March-a-thon will take place Friday, March 19!  Please return all pledge envelopes no later than March 24 for gift certificate and party credit.  There will be prizes for total money collected, 100% class participation, and most laps run.

Parents are encouraged to join us for this exciting event!  The Custom House (in conjunction with March and John Rourke) has graciously offered to provide us once again with a hot dog lunch, including chips and a drink for just $3.  All proceeds from the lunch will benefit Bishop's Peak.  Families may also bring a lunch of their own if they wish, a picnic blanket, and join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our students and enjoy the company of our fellow families.  Wear your Teach tee shirts and come on out!

The March-a-Thon classroom walking schedule will be sent home with your child the day before the event, so you can be there to cheer your child on!

Anyone wishing to donate fruit the morning of the march-a-thon to give our kids a little extra energy (and a treat) is encouraged to do so.  Orange and apple slices, bananas, grapes, strawberries and pineapple can be dropped off at the snack table (washed and ready to serve), and will be most appreciated by our budding athletes.  Thank you in advance!

Book Fair

The book fair is coming!  The Scholastic Book Fair is an important fundraiser for our school, and it's fun for the kids too!  We may still need volunteers for lunchtime, afternoon and one evening shift during the week of 3/22-3/26.  A sign-up sheet is posted in your child's classroom, or you can call Belinda Morrill at 534-1878 or email her (see the directory) to help with planning and setup.  And of course don't forget to stop in and browse - there are always so many great books, games and gifts! Thanks in advance.

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