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Teach Boosters Club Meeting Minutes - Feb. 2012

Teach Booster Club Meeting Minutes
February 3, 2012

Attendees: Sunshine Cowgill, Taffy Gonzalez, Morgan Robertson, Kate Poeschl, Kurt Rightmyer, Summer Kabaker, Chantal Blanchard, Nara Clark, Doris Kim, Riana Baxter, Nell Bennett, Denise Jenkins, and Jocelyn Leonard.

Meeting called to order at 8:36 a.m.

There was a correction to the minutes from January. The correction was for the Auction/dinner ticket prices. The correct price for the tickets should read $50 per ticket, not $45. Taffy moved to approve the corrected minutes. Altee seconded the motion. All agreed.

Financial Report: Director’s/Officer’s insurance is already included in our current policy. We could get embezzlement insurance, but we do not believe it is worth it due to the amount of money in our accounts.

The teachers are working with Altee to get bills for kids paid. Altee has only had requests for reimbursements for electives, from one person. That was Sunshine. Other reimbursements may still be coming in since Electives finish up this next week.

Altee has also had three checks come in for sponsorships for the March-a-thon.

Doris asked about the balancing of our accounts. Are our accounts balanced? Altee says that they are. She is still working on moving everything to QuickBooks. There were some questions about the Profit/Loss statement. A few changes are needed. Doris suggested separating Great Lakes Script from E-script. She suggested having a category for script, and then separate the two different ones underneath that category. Doris also requested a copy of the budget off of QuickBooks, to be printed off each month. She feels that this will make it easier for people at the meetings, to understand the budget. Kate offered to help Altee with QuickBooks.

March-a-thon: There is a new sponsorship idea for March-a-thon. We could sell larger spots for $150 each and the smaller spots for $100. There will be no official counting of laps this year at the March-a-thon. Kids can count their own laps. There will be a competition for those who want to compete at the end. The sponsorship letter will go out again to the parents next week.

Old Business: The current Student Council will be in charge of making the class of 2010’s gift of the sundial.

Principal’s Report: The kids are enjoying the Electives. The 5th graders are getting excited about their trip to Yosemite. The representatives from Cal Poly have been very helpful in getting the kids ready for the Science Fair. The Science Fair will be held Feb. 16, 2012.

Class Representatives: Nara said that there were some questions about the yearbook. Chantal is working on the yearbook. The program has been installed on the computers. Mrs. Jones will send a hard drive to all of the teachers so that they can download their class pictures.

The 6th grade play is coming up. There are 13 extra students this year. The cost may go up for the director’s fee due to the extra students. Eric Austin will be contacted about directing. Kate will check with Mrs. Jones regarding possibly making some money by selling the DVD’s of the play. The Booster Club has $2000 to spend on the play. We will have to make it work with that amount. The 6th grade says, “Thank you for the Battle books!”

The 4th grade representative, Morgan, told us that the 4th graders will be going to Santa Barbara on the train soon. They are looking forward to that.
It was brought up that some of the school computers have memory problems. Sunshine asked the class representatives to check with their teachers to see what the problem is and what is needed to fix it. Currently the kids are bringing in their own hard drives. Nell Bennett volunteered that her husband may be able to take a look at the computers to see what is going on with them. He works in the computer industry.

Auction: The Auction is April 21. The place and meal are now set. It will be held at Café Roma. We will be ready to sell tickets soon. Sunshine is looking at setting the blog up to sell tickets also. Right now Taffy needs items donated. People could spend a few minutes a day going on websites and asking for donations. If the places are local, you could go in person. If you are interested is helping contact Taffy. She has a letter with our tax ID number on it that you could use. Kurt volunteered to help. Denise had an idea where people can buy gift cards for donating to the auction. This would help us in two ways.

Meeting adjourned at 9:42 a.m.

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