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Teach Booster Meeting March 2012

Teach Booster Meeting
March 2, 2012

Attendees: Sunshine Cowgill, Taffy Gonzalez, Altovese Vigil, Kurt Rightmyer, Lori Shields, Nara Clark, Riana Baxter, Chantal Blanchard, Dan Block, Denise Jenkins, Idona , Grace Kim, and Jocelyn Leonard.

8:31 a.m. Meeting called to order. Altee moved to approve the February Booster Minutes. Taffy seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Financial Report: The $20,000 that was previously uncategorized was due to all the new student opening balances. That money has now been categorized. Genevieve is negative due to how we disperse that money to individual kid’s accounts. The Profit and Loss statement is now on track. We still have bills to pay for SLUCSD. We have $5 in our business checking account, and $30,253.29 in another checking account. Our CD is worth $10,010.19. These accounts are all held at Coast Hills. In the Santa Barbara Bank and Trust accounts, we have two other CD’s and the Student council funds. The student council funds are $9,919.28. The other two CD’s are worth $33,054.35, and $1394.44.

In regards to our study trips, we have found out that when there is a substitute covering for a teacher, when there is a combo class, we need to pay for the substitute to stay back with the kids who are not going on the trip.

Lori asked to see last year’s Profit and Loss statement, so that she can see how we are doing this year. Sunshine will e-mail it to her. We will be having a budget meeting in May.

Principal’s Report: It was an eventful week in Yosemite. Tuesday at 5 p.m., the weather reports predicted high winds, up to 70 mph. Yosemite decided to evacuate Curry Village and Boys Town. All were moved to El Portal. Thursday morning the students were able to go back to Yosemite village. They didn’t get to go cross country skiing, but they did get 2 feet of snow while they were there!

Next year, Mr. Block anticipates the same number of students as this year. There will be 1 ½ 4th grade classes next year. Mr. Block pointed out that there are lots of rumors regarding Teach, such as that they are closing, moving, etc., but these are just rumors.

Class Reports: Lori let us know that Mr. Crabb is working on Applebee’s with Ms. Rizzo. It will be March 24th. Ms. Robson wanted us to know that the Santa Barbara field trip that the 4th grade took was awesome! Some Cal Poly students came in for an engineering project recently, and the kids loved it!

The 5th graders are in Yosemite.

The 6th grade is getting ready to go to the Rosicrucian Museum and Hearst Castle soon.

Old Business: March-a-thon update. The design is set for the T-shirts. We’ve raised $3100 on sponsorships this year. There is a rally coming up for the kids to get them on board with the new March-a-thon format. There will still be prizes and a competition. The push is more on fundraising and fun, and not competition this year.

Auction update: We just got a donation from Grace Kim for $1600 from her business. We have also gotten 4 Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets for the auction. Taffy needs people to get things for the auction, and to help her. Also, talk up the event so people will come. If you procure $200 in donations, your kids can go to the Central Coast Gymnastics evening for free. The Vogel Family donated Central Coast Gymnastics for the night of our auction. Any money paid to CCG that night gets donated to us. Needs for the auction: a podium. There was a question regarding pouring of wine at the auction. If we get the wine donated, and have someone pay the $5 corkage fee per bottle, we could give each person a ticket to get one glass of wine with their dinner. Even if you do not come to the event, you can bid at the auction.

Math Day: March 22, Mrs. Rosenfield needs volunteers to help at different stations. Contact Mrs. Rosenfield. Mrs. Rosenfield is looking for a hotel owner with in our school, to try to get a deal on a room for the facilitator of Math Day.

Taffy suggested having a table at March-a-thon, and Applebee’s to sell tickets for the auction.

Lori had a question about the computers. Ms. Kelly will meet with the other teachers to see what problems we have with the computers. There is a new IT person at the district assigned to us. It may take a while to get him on board.

Meeting adjourned at 9:29 a.m.

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  1. Correction on financial report: the $5 is in Business Shares (savings) account that keeps our member number open at Coast Hills.


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