Monday, January 21, 2013

Capacity Issues Documents from Jan 15 School Board Meeting

It was requested that we put the document that was presented at the January 15 school board meeting online, so that those who were not present can read the options proposed by the Office of the Superintendent of SLCUSD.  The document includes a summary of the problem, possible causal factors, a brief history of Teach (note, no history of Bishop's Peak), Process and Options for consideration.  We have also uploaded a copy of the map of the campus provided for reference at the meeting.

Issues of Capacity and Program at Bishop's Peak/Teach Elementary School

Map of Teach/Bishop's Peak Campus

Strategic Initiatives

These documents are also located in the Google Docs folder with the other research and items presented in the previous post.

In May 2012 the District converted to an online agenda preparation and archiving system.  The District web page will contain only the simple agenda and minutes.  Please visit our partner site for full agenda materials:  click here
Staff reports from any agenda packet prior to May 2012 may be requested by contacting the Superintendent's Office at 549-1202. 

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