Saturday, January 12, 2013


VERY IMPORTANT:  The following dates are the school board meetings in which the topic of overpopulation at Teach and Bishop's Peak will be discussed.

• January 15th: Progress status review of enrollment impact on Bishop's Peak/Teach Schools (share data and community feedback) - Superintendent's Update section.

• February 5th: Presentation to Board in Discussion/Action section (no action at this point) but sharing out of options, costs, and programmatic implications.

 • February 19th: Possible decision-point for Board regarding resolution of the enrollment issues at BP/Teach.

Stay in the know, and plan to attend and show your support for Teach.

From the SLCUSD site: School Board meetings now start earlier! Open Sessions start at 6:00 p.m. Public Comment is taken soon thereafter so you can get back home, unless you choose to stay for the rest of the meeting. Check out their site for Agenda and meeting locations. 

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  1. It was suggested by a very smart parent that we simply absorb Bishop’s Peak into Teach and close Bishop’s Peak. That would actually be an excellent way go to, since Bishop’s Peak is also a highly achieving school. Wouldn’t it be great for ALL THOSE KIDS to get our amazing program??


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