Friday, February 1, 2013

Teach Booster Meeting Minutes, February 2013

In attendance: Summer and Russ Kabaker, Idona Cabrinha, Marie Neumann, Duane Hall, Sunshine Cowgill, Lori Shields, Helen Sipsas, Vanessa Rizzo, Deepai Kejale(not sure on spelling), Denis Jenkins, Kate Poeschl, Dan Feuerstien, Doris Kim, Riana Baxter, Mignon Jones, Nara Clark, Tetsuyo Uyeda, Dan Block, Kurt Rightmyer, and Robyn O'leary

Change to minutes from last meeting where it said Riana it should have said Randi.

Kate approved the minutes, Summer seconded.

Nothing new to report on the expense report.

Schools cannot invoice individual students anymore, no student accounts. We should look at Pacheco fundraising.

Electives are running smoothly. Volunteers will need to be found for international day.

Summer needs help with March-A-Thon

The fundraiser at Creeky Tiki is now a Luau theme. Sunshine can make correction on the booster website.

5th graders going to Yosemite moved rooms this year, they will be a dorm style. This will provide more chaperon space.

School District budget discussion: we are over budget by 5 million.

Moved into a large and lengthy discussion about Teach/Bishop Peak school problem/solution. Randi is putting together video that is taking place on Saturday from 2-6pm at Aspect Studio. Donations are appreciated. Went over action plan and social media plan. Summer moved to close and Riana seconded.

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