Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What in the heck is a bid board?

What's a bid board?  I'm so glad you asked.

A bid board is basically a sign-up sheet for an item you'd like to buy or an event you 'd like to attend.  For example:

Jenny decides to donate a margarita party to Teach Elementary school.  Great!  Thanks, Jenny!

Jenny and her friends start planning for a super fun event.  This is an exclusive party - who gets in?  People who signed up at the auction, of course!  Jenny and her friends donate their time, hostess skills and a bunch of fruit & liquor.

At the auction, a "board" or sign-up sheet will be presented which describes the margarita party.  You'd like to go, so you put your name and your husband's name and pay $20 ($10/ticket) when you check out at the auction.  (Don't forget your spouse, friends, etc!)

Time goes by and you completely forget all about it...until you notice on your calendar that YOU ARE INVITED to an exclusive, swanky, invite-only, red carpet, A-list party!  Woohoo!  You and your husband go to the margarita party, hang out with Jenny and all her friends and all your friends and have a great time!

Jenny sells 26 spots to her $10 margarita party, opens her home to all her friends, has a great time planning and holding the shindig, becomes very popular as a hostess and makes $2600 for Teach Elementary School.


Get it?  The Bid Board can be for any kind of event or party.  Surf lesson, art class, jewelry making party, movie night, cooking class, Wii competition, ice cream social...you get the idea.  These can be fun for kids, families or adults only.  The great thing is that you get to choose - tailor it to your particular skills and talents.

We are all good at something.  What are you good at??

 Want to donate a bid board event/item?  Contact Robyn O'Leary by March 18, 2013.

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