Thursday, May 2, 2013

Charles E Teach Booster Board meeting

May 2, 2013 – Room 27 – Teach Elementary School

 Board Members

Riana Baxter – 6th Grade Rep (Absent)
Dan Block – Principal/Teach School Rep
Idona Cabrinha – President
Nara Clark – Co-Vice President
Erin Clausen – Secretary (Absent)
Dondi Hubley – 4th Grade Rep (Absent)
Summer Kabaker – Co-Vice President
Marie Nuemann – Treasurer
Lori Shields – 5th Grade Rep

 Other Guests In Attendance
Doris Kim
Vanessa Rizzo
Morgan Robertson
Helen Sipsas
Mavis Wong
Tet Uyeda

        I.            Call to Order – 8:35 am

      II.            Reading and Approval of minutes of previous meeting – Minutes were reviewed. A motion to approve the minutes from the April 5, 2013 meeting was made, seconded and carried .

    III.            Treasurer’s Report – Marie reported income from the Winter Social/Creeki Tiki auction is still coming in, but all expenses for the event have been paid. No additional income for current year parents has been received, but three 6th grade families have paid already for next year.  Going forward, there was some discussion as to how and when the notices will go out for next year's 4th & 5th graders.

    IV.            Old Business –  

a.       April Social & Auction - Summer reported that plans changed at the last minute regarding how the event was going to be executed, due to management decisions of Creeki Tiki. Everything turned out o.k., and it does not seem to have been obvious to the attendees that there were some very last minute changes. The owner of Creeki Tiki - Brett Butterfield -  also owns Green Gate Farms, and could be open to holding an event there next year.  Jamie Strand is the event coordinator, and would be the person to work with if interested.

b.      International Day - Idona commented that there were 16 presenters for the upper grades.  K- 3 also had presenters.  Students and teachers alike were very positive about the event.  The event has already been scheduled for next year.   Nara attended the luncheon and thought it was a very positive, community building event.  Mavis asked if next year presenters could just present, and have other volunteers to offer to make lunch food.  There was too much to do as well as prepare food.

c.       Nominations /Chairperson positions - Idona noted comments that she has received regarding next year's positions.  A list of needs for positions was distributed.  Some positions are still open.  Discussion was held regarding duties of several positions, including Treasurer and Trip Helper/Class fundraiser.   Marie noted that the Bookkeeper would like to attend the Booster meetings next year to assist with planning and information regarding finances. Open positions and nominations may change as we get confirmations of parents that receive and accept lottery places.

Current nominations for Board officer positions -
President - Helen Sipsas
VP - Randi Barros (would like to be a Co-VP)
Treasurer - Mignon & Idona as Co-Treasurer
Secretary - unclear - may be Lori Shields or Tet Uyeda

      V.            Dan Block talked about make-up testing for STAR testing.  It needs to be done within a certain time frame for State purposes.  Idona asked about SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) testing next year with computers. Mr. Block stated that the school offered to be a Beta test for this, but there are still a lot of unknowns for how the test could be administered.  The State does not have money to assist with computer support for the test.  The Lottery drawing for Teach has been held for next year’s incoming students, and there were approximately 8 students each placed on the wait list for both 4th and 5th grade.  Classes next year will include a 4, 5, 6 and 5/6 split class.  Open enrollment for Bishop's Peak is still growing, with a steady application base coming in.  The expectation right now is that there will be one more classroom at Bishop's Peak.

    VI.            New Business

a.       Incoming 4th grade students - 32 spots were available in the lottery.  9 were filled with siblings.  Parents are aware that their children have places at the school, but still have to give formal commitments.

b.      Teacher Appreciation Week - Next week.  Please help support the teachers with cards, a cut flower, and other events occurring on each day of the week.

c.       Battle of the Books – currently working on preparing for the event.  Need all-day helpers, snack helpers and lunch distribution.

d.      New Fundraising ideas - Holiday Fair - $5 charge to have a booth, let people/kids sell crafts. Already on 2013-2014 calendar.

e.      Class rep reports -
Mr Crabb’s class – unknown – minute taking was not continued after primary minute taker had to leave the meeting.
Mrs. Robson’s class - unknown – minute taking was not continued after primary minute taker had to leave the meeting.
Miss Bailey’s class – unknown – minute taking was not continued after primary minute taker had to leave the meeting.
Ms. Kelly’s - Lori reported that Ms. Kelly says STAR testing is the major focus of our school day right now. Plus, they just cast the play and “everyone's all abuzz.” The fifth graders will be presenting their Yosemite slideshow at the next Tiger Pride assembly. The sixth graders are gearing up for all their end-of-the-year activities, including Challenge Day, Games Day, and the San Jose trip.
Ms Jones’s class – unknown – minute taking was not continued after primary minute taker had to leave the meeting.

  VII.            Per Agenda – Lori Shields was taking minutes but had to leave at this point.  Remaining minutes were not recorded.

a.       – Announcements – Idona to announce a meeting of School Parent Organization Presidents organized by Dr Prater.  Idona was to ask for “alternate” or “partner” to attend the next meeting on 5/23/13 at 9 am.

b.      – Nex tBooster meeting to scheduled for May 31, 2013
Adjourn – ??:?? am.


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