Friday, May 31, 2013

Charles E Teach Booster Board meeting

May 31, 2013 – Room 27, Teach Elementary School

 Board Members
Riana Baxter – 6th Grade Rep (Absent)
Dan Block – Principal/Teach School Rep (Absent)
Idona Cabrinha – President
Nara Clark – Co-Vice President (Absent)
Erin Clausen – Secretary (Absent)
Dondi Hubley – 4th Grade Rep (Absent)
Summer Kabaker – Co-Vice President
Marie Nuemann – Treasurer
Lori Shields – 5th Grade Rep

 Other Guests In Attendance
Randi Barros
Laura Cooper
Angela Fry(?)
Mignon Jones
Doris Kim
Kate Poeschl
Helen Sipsas
Jeaneane ?

        I.            Call to Order – 8:40 am

      II.            Reading and Approval of minutes of previous meeting – Due to a mis-communication, there were no minutes available to review.  Idona C. noted that she would work to get the minutes from the last meeting posted on the booster website for review by the end of day.

    III.            Treasurer’s Report – The Balance Sheet was reviewed by Marie N.  Marie noted that approximately $5000 in bills for FY 13 has yet to be received.  There is also $7200 in income that has not been recorded because it is part of FY14’s income as 6th Grade parent contributions.  Marie also stated that $617 in income would be deposited by the end of day from the Penny Wars that had just ended yesterday.

    IV.            Old Business –   Election nominations for the 2013-2014 school year were reviewed.  {9:00 am - A school Fire Drill was called, and the meeting was suspended to participate in the drill.  Meeting was called back to order at 9:10 am}  Nominations were brought forward for the following officer positions:

a.       President – Helen Sipsas

b.      Co-Vice Presidents – Randi Barros & Kate Poeschl

c.       Co-Treasuers – Idona Cabrinha & Mignon Jones

d.      Secretary – Lori Shields

A motion to approve the nominations for the 2013-2014 slate of officers was made, seconded and carried. The remaining two open Board positions were not elected at this time.

Chairpersons for additional activities in 2013-2014 were assigned as follows:

Assemblies – Laura Cooper (in conjunction with Magnolia ? of Bishop’s Peak

Garden – Denise Jenkins – open to sharing this duty with anyone else interested

E-Scrip/Swap-n-shop – Wendy Sylvestri

Hospitality – No name assigned

PR/Signage – No name assigned.  Discussion was held regarding signage options.  Doris Kim offered to have her business cover the expense of a new sign.

Volunteer Coordinator – No name assigned.

      V.            Principal’s Report – Due to Games Day, Dan Block was absent.  In his absence, Idona C. offered the following information: Ms Jones will not be teaching at Teach Elementary next year because she will be taking a Teacher On Special Assignment (TOSA) position to work on the new math curriculum.  Ms Kelly will also not be at Teach next year, but will be teaching 6th grade at Bishop’s Peak.  A new teacher will be hired over the summer to take over the 6th grade class for next year.

    VI.            Calendar – A draft calendar for next year’s activities was distributed for review.  Discussion was held regarding how to integrate Bishop’s Peak into Teach events in an effort to improve fundraising activities as well as improve relationships between the two schools.  Next year’s major fundraiser was also discussed as a possibility for a Fall event, at Green Gate Acres.  Erin Clausen is the primary contact for this venue, as she is the one that has discussed the possibility of such an event with them.  The event could only be held on a Sunday, but the goal is to keep it a family-focused event, in order to avoid parents needing to find childcare during the event.  Old Edna was also brought up as a possible location for this type of event.

  VII.            Class Rep updates – None were given due to time constraints and a lack of available reps.

VIII.            Task Force Udate – Idona C. reported that the first meeting of the Task Force was scheduled for June 5th, at 4 pm in the County Office of Education.   She is aware of 17 members on the task force, but does not know all of the names yet.  Future meetings are scheduled to occur on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month through September.  The name of the group is called the Task Force on Accelerated Learning Committee.

    IX.            Final comments – Idona thanked the Board for being available throughout the year and being so giving of their time to make the most out of so many events that occurred over the school year.  Helen Sipsas also thanked the Board for all of their efforts over the past year.

      X.            Adjourn – 10:40 am.


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