Friday, February 7, 2014

Booster Meeting February 7

Charles E Teach Booster Board Meeting
February 7, 2014
Charles E Teach Elementary School – Room 27

 Board Members
Randi Barros –Co- Vice President - absent
Dan Block – Principal/Teach School Rep
Mignon Jones – Treasurer - absent
Vanessa Rizzo – Board member at large/4th Grade rep
Morgan Robertson – Board member at large/6th Grade rep
Lori Shields – Secretary
Helen Sipsas – President
Kimberly Wormley – Co-Vice President- absent

Other Guests In Attendance
Idona Cabrinha
Taffy Gonzalez
Nicole Nicholson
Brian Olson
Kurt Rightmyer
Joyce Romero
Altee Vigil

Call to Order - 8:35 am

        I.         Welcome & Introductions

      II.         Review & Approval of Minutes – Minutes from the 1/10/14 meeting were reviewed.   A motion to approve the minutes reviewed was made, seconded and carried.
    III.         Finance Update – Mignon was not available for the meeting, so Helen reported that she talked with Mignon regarding scholarship collections.  6th grade families were nearing an 80% collection rate for requested donations. 5th grade families were at a 63% collection rate and 4th grade families were the same. It was agreed that we need to work with 4th & 5th grade families to encourage donations.

    IV.         Battle of the Books (BB) – Helen announced that Mr. Block purchased one set of books for Teach, and one other set has also been purchased.  Helen stamped the books to make sure they stay with Teach when it moves.

      V.        Principal's Report – Mr. Block reported that there will be a random drawing for attendance awards, and he asked for Booster support to pay for $20 worth of gift cards for those awards.  He noted that the school can’t thank the Gragson's? enough for their support of the Science Fair.  It went really well, the kids learned a lot and did great work.

He also shared that last Friday, the little kids celebrated the 100th day of school, which means the remaining 75 days of the school year are going to be very busy.  The transition planning for the new campus is going well, and there was a brief meeting with people regarding the transition yesterday.  There will be 10 rooms for sure on the new campus.  He is also working on a technology plan, and there probably will be no computer lab.  He will be meeting next week to talk about a plan based on budget numbers.  Robyn O'Leary has been helping with the library plans, and he is working with the district and the teachers next week to talk about "services" - food, custodian, etc.

    VI.         Grade Rep Updates –

4th grade – Vanessa reported that Mr. Crabb is doing swell, and no needs have been expressed at this time.

5th grade - Kurt thanked Dan Block for taking the kids to Cafe Roma for the Genevieve's challenge.  He also reported that he sent out a memo re pledges to 5th grade families, and noted they were at 50% participation, and they are now up to 63%.  He thought the Science Fair was fabulous.  Taffy recommended that Kurt add a note to 5th grade families re clothing needs for the Yosemite trip; they may be available through 6th grade families.  Families should talk to the office about needs/donations.

6th grade – Morgan informed the group that Mr. Lanier's class had a pizza party for selling the most through Genevieve's.  There is also an ice cream party coming this month for all 6th graders.

VII.            Events –

Open House - March 5th - general meeting in MPR first, 6 - 6:30 pm general 6:30 - 7:00 new parents, 7:00 pm open house for current families.  Discussion was held regarding an information table and parent participation to talk to new families at the event.

International Day - March 14th. Idonna reported that International Day is coming up on March 14th.  She needs help from parents with supporting the events within the classrooms, copying, organizing, etc.  13 presenters are needed in total, she has 8 now. Duties include presenting flags, talking about your country, etc. She also asked for volunteers to take on the responsibility for next year.

Book Fair - March 10-14.  Kimberly Wormley has taken the job as Book Faire coordinator.

March-a-thon – The event is being held on March 21st.

Dinner Auction – Taffy noted that she has procured many donations but she needs more. Dan Block suggested an idea for an auction item related to the new school - concrete tiles with family or kids names would be an example.

VIII.         Open Forum – Next meeting is on March 7th.  Helen commented that she has had many conversations with people that think Teach has been shut down, has an uncertain future, etc. She has been thinking about changing the Save Teach website to be “Grow Teach” and ask families to support the school through spreading the word about the new location, the IEI project, etc., to increase knowledge and improve general overall support.  Discussion was held regarding how to best get the word out.  Robin O'Leary believes that we could get on Dave Congalton's show to promote the school.  It was recommended that we be sure to get as much info as possible on the Booster website.  We should also check to see if we can get the video from last year’s School Board meeting on the website.

Sunshine has updated the Booster website with a fresh look and some new things. Dan Block asked parents for support in going to the City to get a Club Star/Sun & Fun after school program on the new campus.
    IX.          Adjournment – 9:45 am

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