Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tiger Tally - Week 1 - Paws Up!

Wow!  75 students have turned in $100+ as of Fri 9/15 morning and earned a popsicle to kick off the weekend!

Mrs. Dodge's class is leading the Root Beer Float Contest, but Mrs. Woehrle's class is right behind.  The other classes have an opportunity to catch up -- and even surpass -- the 6th grade classes while they are on their incredible adventure at Catalina Island Marine Institute!

Keep your eye on the prize... which is the AMAZING experience at CIMI (6th) next week, Camp Ocean Pines (4th) in Nov and Yosemite (5th) in Jan.  It is such a rare and truly special opportunity for our students!   Of course, there are also these great contests and prizes!  

Note:   Tue Sep 19   is a special collection day as it is the deadline for Business Sponsors (payment, logo and/or banner artwork to or  online with 2.5% handling.    

If we do not receive the high resolution logo/banner artwork by Tue Sep 19 9pm, then the business sponsor will not be on the T-shirt and the banner may not be displayed in time for Tiger Challenge day. 
Tiger Tally is next Fri Sep 22 8:25am PST! 
  • Try out entrepreneurial ideas - lemonade stand sales, garage sales and more!
  • Reach out to your extended family, neighbors and businesses. 
  • Donations can be made by checks to TEACH BOOSTERS, cash or online (please use/share this link (versus Go Fund Me) for donations to count as tax deductible).
 Go TIGERS!  Contact us for any questions!   

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