Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tiger Tally - Week 2 - Halftime Report - House Cup & Call for Volunteers

Two weeks are in. Two weeks are left.  We're at the halfway point and our version of the House Cup standings shows that Dodge's home room is in the lead.  

$50,163 raised in the classes + other fundraisers = $57,395 for thermometer!

We're so proud that 60% of the students are participating in the Tiger Challenge fundraiser!  Of the 96 students participating, 91 have crossed the $100+ popsicle threshold.

* See below for FAQs.
* Set your goal (and prize level).
* Make a plan... and go for it! 
* Turn in collections every Friday.  
* Next Tiger Tally is Fri Sep 29 8:25am PST! 

The Field Day Games Are Set!

Please sign up on the Sign Up Genius to
  • Volunteer to set up games, run games, set up or serve lunch, clean up
  • Donate items for games
  • Pick up pizza
  • Bring healthy fruit and carrots for lunch
Save Oct 6th morning to cheer on students and/or come for family pizza lunch at $5 presale per guest lunch.  (Students get their lunch for free!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the popsicle list for incremental $100 every week?

No.  The $100 threshold is absolute.  The earlier your student reaches $100, the more opportunities your student has to receive a popsicle treat.  (Note:  The homework pass at $100 is one time only.)

How do I know how much my student has received from online donations?

When the students turn in their pledge envelopes on Friday, we write these in.  If you wish for the information sooner, please contact Booster Treasurer.  

I have a business sponsorship, but the deadline passed.  What should I do?  

Our deadline was early in order to receive T-shirts and banners with business logos in time for Oct 6 Tiger Challenge.  If the business is ok with missing the T-shirt opportunity and just receiving its banner (if applicable) after Oct 6, then we'll gladly accept its sponsorship support, display its banner through July, and post its name/logo on (with hyperlinks to the business homepage), Teach Booster Facebook, school newsletter, directory and yearbook.  

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