Thursday, October 4, 2018

Challenge Eve

On Challenge Eve, 117 kids earned juice popsicles!  Mr. Lanier's class won the extra minutes of recess by a mere 1%!  While Mr. Lanier's class is leading in dollars raised, Mrs. Dodge's class is actually leading after adjusting for smaller class in the Kona Shaved Iced party.

Sponsor banners were hung on the fence with care.  Special thanks to Katherine Shields (Alana's mom) for designing and Linson Signs for making the banners.

We can't wait to give out these one-of-kind Tiger Challenge t-shirts tomorrow!  Special thanks to Katherine Shields (Alana's mom) and Xiaoying Rong (Roland's mom) for designing the t-shirt and Left Coast (Mrs. Whitaker's husband's company) for making the t-shirts.

Thank you all for your support for Tiger Challenge!  Check out our 2018-19 business sponsors!:  

Join us tomorrow for the Tiger Challenge!

8:25 a.m. Final Collections
10:00 a.m. Opening Ceremony
10:30 a.m. Field Games
12:30 p.m. Pizza Lunch - $7 per pizza lunch
1:30 p.m. Contest Winners announced

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