Saturday, October 6, 2018

Tiger Challenge Final Results

Tiger Challenge Games Day was a ton of fun!  Thank you to all volunteers for helping make the event and pizza lunch go smoothly. 

Great work team!  $80,669 was received through last night.  Overall, 87% participation school-wide.

Contest Winners
  • There were two classes that won the Kona Shaved Ice Cream Party - Mr. Lanier's for bringing in most cash through noon and Mrs. Robson's class for bringing in most cash, in-kind and corporate matches.
  • Extra recess goes to Mrs. Robson's class for 97% participation! 
  • AnnaBelle K. wins Principal of the Day for bringing in $2,796!
  • Brendan E., Brendan F., Carly M., Leo D. and Roland S. are the respective Teachers of the Day!
Prize Selection Sheets were distributed to students who participated in the Tiger Challenge fundraiser.  These need to be turned in by Monday, Oct 8!

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