Wednesday, August 11, 2010

eScrip Dining Restaurants

Did you know that you can support your school just by dining out at locations you already visit?  Sign up at with your atm or credit cards that you use and when you use them at local businesses, your schools get a small percentage.  Each visit may not seem like much, but it really adds up quickly!  Additionally, you don't have to choose just one school:  if you have children at different schools, you can support multiple schools.  You can also add your grocery loyalty cards to send contributions from your weekly shopping directly to your school's Boosters and PTA/PTO's.

Go to to sign up!  (If you don't carry grocery loyalty cards or your store isn't listed, just click "next" to go to the atm/credit card page.)  You have to be signed up for your contributions to count.

I signed up and forgot about it, and it turns out I've been sending contributions!  When we want to go out to eat but can't decide where, we visit eScrip Dining at and look for great choices.  These are places you might be visiting anyway, so why not support businesses that support our school?  More are being added all the time, but here's a list of places that are already supporting Teach School in our area:

Buona Tavola SLO
Berry Hill Bistro Paso Robles
Senor Sancho's Creston Rd. Paso Robles
Creeky Tiki SLO
Thai Palace Restaurant SLO
Chino's Tacos SLO
Mama's Meatball SLO
Bon Temps Creole Cafe SLO
Splash Cafe SLO
Laguna Grill SLO
Upper Crust Trattoria SLO
The Clubhouse SLO
Zorro's Cafe Shell Beach

and more!!  Visit the eScrip Rewards Network to get reviews and find places that will send a contribution each and every time you dine with your registered card.  Isn't that nice?

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