Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Introducing Teach Boosters 2010-11 Board and Committee Chairpeople

Welcome to another great year at Teach Elementary!  Please allow me to introduce our [as yet incomplete] Board and Committee Chairpeople:

President:  Sunshine Cowgill
Vice President:  (You??)
Treasurer:  Altee Vigil
Secretary:  Jocelyn Leonard
6th Grade Representative:  Heather Palandoken
5th or 4th Grade Representative:  TBA
4th or 5th Grade Representative:  Lori Fletcher

Ice Cream Social:  Heather Palandoken
Genevieve's Fundraiser:  Tammy Haas
International Day:  Chandrika Jaggia
Directory:  Kimberly Wormley
Student Council:  Laura Finz
Assemblies:  Taffy Gonzalez (lso for Bishop's Peak)
Webmaster:  Sunshine Cowgill
Electives:  Chandrika Jaggia
Teach Marquee:  Jocelyn Leonard
Teacher Appreciation:  Grace Abroms
E-scrip and Boxtops:  Paige Wright
Book Fair:  Jessica Napier, Heather Palandoken
Yearbook:  Beth Meyer
Garden:  Mavis Wong
Hospitality:  Sarah Atwell (also for Bishop's Peak)

Each of these people has stepped up (and possibly out of their box) to lead and organize an event.  [Roars of applause!]  We still have opportunities for YOU to get involved. 

Heavens no, it's not difficult!  You just have to commit.  "How much time are we talking here?" you ask.  As much as you have to offer.  From just 30 minutes to a few regular hours.  Don't be afraid to be a chairperson.  Get your BFF and pick an activity to do together.  It's always more fun with friends anyway.  Don't know how to do it?  I don't either.  Don't worry; it'll be fine.  In fact, it'll be marvelous.  We all have talents that we can share.  Really can't stomach being in charge?  Fine.  Then volunteer to be an assistant or do one of the million other little things that our school needs every day to make our children's education the best it can be:

Be a Room Parent
Help you child with his/her homework
Provide materials or treats for a school activity
Join your child for lunch at school
Chair a committee (or trick your friend into co-chairing with you)
Do things for your child's teacher from home
Share your skill or talent at school
Read with your kids (they still like it)
Help with fundraising
Attend School Board meetings
Help in the classroom
Play games with your child
Volunteer for a Booster Club program
Help with the Book Fair
Help with Science Fair/International Day/Battle of the Books
Chaperone a field trip
Attend Booster Club meetings  (September 3, y'all)
Help at school functions
Volunteer to do things from home or work
Lend equipment or tools

We have the following committee chairs open still, so if you see something you'd like to do, let us know!  If you need a job description, just email Sunshine:

Vice President (well, you just never know...)
4th or 5th grade Representative
6th Grade Play
Jamba Juice/Dinner Night Fundraisers (easy)
T-shirt sales (also pretty easy)
Volunteer Coordinator
Public Relations

Our kids are only at Teach for 3 years - don't wait to get involved.  It'll be gone before you know it!  Most importantly, be mentally and physically present at your child's school.  I promise you will be better for the experience.  :-)

(Originally posted August 9)

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