Sunday, August 29, 2010

Genevieve's Gift Sale is ON!

Hello Teach Students and Parents, and welcome to another year at our amazing school!  As you may know, Genevieve's fundraising is an opportunity for our students to earn money for their individual study trip accounts.  This fundraiser is optional, but it gives families a way to offset the cost of their students' trips if they would like to participate. That's right:  THE PROFIT IS LIKE CASH IN YOUR POCKET.  Please note that we do not collect sales tax.  The tax amount is built into the price.  A catalog and packet went home with each child on Friday, and students can start earning prizes as early as Monday, with the sell 3/sell 10 frog prize!
The order period for prize eligibility ends SEPTEMBER 14.

Out of town friends and family are welcome to order online, and Genevieve's will deliver their orders directly to their door.  Students will get credit for all these orders, as long as the customer puts in the student's name and our school code:

The nice thing about Genevieve's is that your student gets credit for orders made online all year 'round.  Even though they won't count toward prize eligibility after Sept 14, they will get credit for everything that is ordered with our code and their name.  So if your family and friends miss the Sept 14 deadline, no worries!  They can even order online for Valentine's Day, Easter, Father's Day, Graduation, any time they want a special gift from Genevieve's.  If they are shopping online anyway, why not make it count for your child?  Don't forget to go to first and click the PARENTS link to sign up your child.  The Genevieve's link and our school number is at the bottom of this and every page on this website, for your convenience all year.  :-)  Send them the link at and they can get shopping!

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