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Booster Meeting Minutes - May 2, 2014

Charles E Teach Booster Board meeting
May 2, 2014
Charles E Teach Elementary School – Room 27
 Board Members
Randi Barros –Co- Vice President
Dan Block – Principal/Teach School Rep
Mignon Jones – Treasurer
Vanessa Rizzo – Board member at large/4th Grade rep
Morgan Robertson – Board member at large/6th Grade rep
Lori Shields – Secretary
Helen Sipsas – President
Kimberly Wormley – Co-Vice President- absent

Nell Bennet
Michael Berger
Nara Clark
Taffy Gonzales
Robin O'Leary
Brian Olson
Kurt Rightmyer- 5th Grade rep
CeRae Speidel
Wendy Sylvester
Altee Vigil

Other Guests In Attendance


Call to Order - 8:35 am
        I.            Welcome & Introductions

      II.            Review & Approval of Minutes – Minutes from the 3/7/14 & 4/4/14 meeting were reviewed.   A motion to approve both sets of the minutes was made, seconded and carried.

    III.            Grade Rep Updates –

4th grade – Vanessa was unable to attend. Denise Jenkins reported that the 4th grade field trip to the aquarium at Avila was a big success. The students participated in many educational activities and overall it appeared to be a very cost-effective local field trip.

5th grade - Kurt reported that the 5th graders had recently attended Cal Poly's Learn by Doing Lab, and it was a big hit.

6th grade – Morgan reported that the 6th graders went to Hearst Castle on Wednesday and had a great trip. She heard that the kids were very patient with SBAC testing even though there were some glitches.  She informed everyone that the 6th Grade water slide trip is happening on the first Tuesday in June, and the final awards assembly is on the last day of school.

    IV.            Principal’s Update – Dan Block reported that the district is working with SLOCA to iron out the details of sharing the campus next year between the two schools.  Consideration for staggering start times for schools has been discussed, and overall they have had good meetings so far, and expect a smooth relationship.  The district is also working on facility upgrades – the office complex, parking lot, courtyard, carpets, railings, etc.  The district is handling library set-up.  Classes will be full, and everyone that applied has been accepted. There is not a lot of extra space; he is even still figuring out where the Boosters will meet.  Teachers have not been interviewed yet for the new classrooms, as positions haven't been opened yet through the District.    District will be performing a survey for Club Star to see how many students will need after school care, to give the City some idea of the needs.  Dan noted that he received a solicitation from a private company that is trying to establish private before/after care for students; he will talk with the district about whether or not the district can pursue this. Students may have to be bused to another location.  Also still working out issues like band.   

The limo ride for March-a-thon was great.  Kids are doing well with SBAC testing.  Computers froze, sound stopped in the middle, other issues/problems, but the scores are not being used, so this is a learning experience.

Dan informed the group that the CA Distinguished school award is being given to Teach Elementary on June 5th.  Teachers won't be going because it is the last day of school.

      V.            Finance Update – Helen and Mignon reported that the preliminary financials for 4/30/14 show the Boosters may have a $10k surplus at the end of the year.  Assets are showing at almost $75k.  Collections by grade level are at: 4th - 80%, 5th - 96%, 6th - 100.3%.  Helen has scheduled a meeting with the teachers to talk about needs for next year, and will be meeting with Mr Block, the bookkeeper, and Brian Olson to discuss the budget for next year.

    VI.            Board Nominations - Helen announced that she has been working on recruiting new talent for next year's board.  She would like to present the following nominations for Board officers -  Brian Olson - Treasurer; Kimberly Wormley - President; Melinda Keller - Co-VP; Kurt Rightmeyer - Co-VP; Laura Cooper - secretary; CeRae Speidel - at large member; Robin O'Leary - at large member

  VII.            Helen reviewed Committee chair & volunteer positions – and has the following placements:
4th grade rep  - CeRae Speidel
5th Grade rep - Wendy Sylvester
6th grade  rep - Michael Berger
6th Grade Play - open
Assemblies - open
Battle of the Books - open
Book Fair – Mignon Jones
Box Tops & Labels - open
Chili Cookoff – Nara Clark
Craft Fair – Randi Barros
Dinner/Auction - Erica Stewart & Altee Vigil
Directory - open
Electives – Kurt Rightmeyer
e- & GL Scrip – Paige Wright
Facebook – Robyn O’Leary & Michael Berger
Garden Coordinator - open
Genevieve's – Pia Laurie
Hospitality - open
Ice Cream Social - open
International Day - open
March-a-Thon - open
Marquee – Nell Bennet
Student Council - open
Teacher Appreciation Week - open
T-Shirts - open
Volunteer Coordinator - open
Webmaster – Sunshine Cowgill
Yearbook – Open

VIII.            Open Forum - Vanessa asked about plans for the pancake breakfast for next year.  Discussion was held regarding whether it would be beneficial to put it on a Sunday to avoid conflict with AYSO soccer.  Issues include how long in advance is needed for planning/advertising/ticket sale purposes? Suggestion was considered for holding the event at the new campus, but it was decided that the Elks is preferable, because of their donations toward food, and the cooking and cleaning facilities.

Library update – Robin O’Leary reported that she met with Sharon Haupt, the District Media person. They have multiple boxes of books for next year to go to the new Teach site.  Robin has been pulling library books with Kama Beaton, but notes that Teach will need some new fiction books.  They may not have enough room in the new library for all of the books.  Teach will have its own part-time librarian.   Robyn will let everyone know when they will be going to the Instructional Media Center, located by Sinsheimer Pool, to sort through books.  It will probably be over several sessions during the summer.

    IX.            Next Meeting:  May 30, 2014 at 8:30am in Room 27

      X.            Adjournment – 9:55 am

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